The problem with surprise active shooter drills with blanks and LARPing

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Making people aware of could be good for their health, because I believe that active shooter drills with gunshot blanks done to unaware people can cause real trauma. 

On a side note I was made aware that my sister-in-law may have been a victim of an incident similar to an active shooter drill. She was apparently robbed at gunpoint with a number of other women, but nothing was taken in the end. Either she was robbed by the world’s stupidest criminal or she was the victim of a LARPing incident used to terrorize her neighborhood. Why do I think this could have been a LARPing incident? The next day this so-called criminal was charged with murder on another suspicious event.

The effect of this drill or LARPing episode is real. There are real victims who are unaware that this can and does happen routinely. They are emotionally scarred. They will never be told they participated in a phony event.

The mainstream media is now addressing the truther hoaxer reality thanks to the Alex Jones controlled opposition program.

The audio is full of crisis actor parents yammering about  including a whole 11:11 subscript. 

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1 thought on “The problem with surprise active shooter drills with blanks and LARPing

  1. xileffilex

    The police need crime, just as the fire brigades need fires. No crime, no fires = job cuts. Much reported crime is probably staged [as are many fires] , as are the follow up court cases. No crimes/court cases to report = job cuts for the journalists. No court cases = job cuts for the legal profession. It’s a fake world funded by a compulsory entertainment tax. [c.f. the “space” program]
    PS The military/diplomatic services need “wars”…

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