Endless narrative 

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I wonder if there’s a schedule somewhere that lists the next year’s worth of phony stories. 

It’s interesting that they don’t usually conflict, and sometimes overlap. 

Barely a day is allowed to pass without some major fabrication. 

No name, everyone’s anonymous except the vicsims, and everything is confused and unknowable. 

The patterns are so obvious to fakeologists, yet the rest of the media connected population is gripped with the next story. 

We have more in common with those that ignore the media. 

Perhaps they’re the healthiest of all. 

CTV News: Package to DeNiro recovered, Trump tweets against media.


Most of those connected to the narrative are caught in a bad dream. 


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1 thought on “Endless narrative 

  1. xileffilex

    I was wondering why they didn’t reheat the Anthrax attack hoax. Seems like CNN has already produced a history of postal attack hoaxes, although for their readers they were all real…


    It’s one big film studio which we’re inhabiting. The scripts for the next few years must already be written and “intel” is already working on the actors, scenes. props and new life management of any vicsims.

    Bring it on, because nobody dies, nobody gets hurt and I’m on the edge of my seat…


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