Fake murders 

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The only true phrase in this entire story is used to Google search block my speculation that this is all a fake cover story for a massive fraud. I doubt the two rich people are dead but off somewhere else enjoying huge piles of money that they likely absconded from the shareholders.

Unnamed sources, unnamed officials, everyone’s anonymous in these phony stories. Isn’t this enough for the reader to realize that he’s reading fiction?

Why would the script writers expect anyone to believe that a real estate agent is worth publishing? A real case needs a real detective with a real reputation quoted.

The agent says he and his clients thought they had stumbled across some kind bizarre Halloween display or a joke.

0;Fake murders,” is how he initially described it.

They soon left the property, refusing to believe what they saw inside the multimillion-dollar home could actually be real.

Not long after, it’s believed the other agent called 911 to report the find.


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1 thought on “Fake murders 

  1. xileffilex

    Love it….”The family” offers $10m reward. That’s a safe bet. I wonder if the name of some “get out of jail” patsy has yet been assigned to the case. Drop John Lancaster a line anytime [chief CBC crime reporter] Lol! These people have to be in on these fake events all the time, just like doctors, pathologists, police, lawyers….

    Great story though to keep the masses entertained. It will run and run.

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