Squirrel Hill synagogue shooting hoax

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Let’s this be a placeholder for this week’s hoax.

Apparently there was a drill at this very place this year. Perfect for capturing the moments that are shown now as 0;live” this week.

Will this event carry the media week?


Miles Mathis

Simon Shack


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8 thoughts on “Squirrel Hill synagogue shooting hoax

  1. simonshack

    Dear Ab,

    That was a great question of yours (to xileffilex) – loved it! You wrote:

    “You think the crisis actors are actual relatives?”

    It really puzzles me as to why xileffilex now has such a problem with the Vicsim Report – and why he thinks that it is impossible (or unrealistic) for the Nutwork to fabricate entirely fictitious / “digital people”.

    Having said that, sure / why not? It may well be that SOME purported victims (of the many “terror deeds” we hear of) were real-life individuals who were relocated, so as to provide some “solid proof” of these reported terror events. But I’d say it is ridiculous to think that it’s unthinkable that the Nutwork could possibly fabricate non-existing identities. Were ALL the reported 3000 victims of 9/11 real, flesh & blood people who were “relocated”? 😛

    Hey, xileffilex – what’s up with you? I really used to enjoy your diggings – but you now seem to have fallen into that hole you dug! 🙂

  2. xileffilex

    Here we go again – more misdirection by Miles [last 2 paras ,ignoring all the previous fog of peerage connections]
    So they’re all of retirement age, excepting the 54 year old with special needs [video]
    Miles –

    Of course this indicates they borrowed the names from other recently deceased
    lists. These people—if they exist—probably died of other causes in the past few days. I say that
    because the odds of 11 victims having an average age of 74 are very low

    Fairly standard new life ages. Aren’t they the easiest people to pack off to a retirement home in israel or elsewhere? Why assume they have “recently died”? No the odds that all these connected locals suddenly died close together just in time for this planned #HRDPAR is incredibly low.
    Seems like Miles is once again leading us away from strategic relocation, the standard #NDNGH M.O.

    The retired, those about to retire, or young fun seeking, anywhere people are the first port of call for those setting up a HRDPAR. Check out the “death” lists. for any event.
    Oh yes, the 97 year old has a funny name, Mallinger. Big deal.

    Despite her age, Mallinger was “spry” and “vibrant,” Friedman said.
    “She had a lot of years left.”

    I’m sure she HAS.

    notice further misdirection by CNN this time – the quoted relative of Mallinger is ELYSA Schwartz,
    her words copied word for word by a Julian Schwartz
    Rose Mallinger was one of the matriarchs in my family, being my grandmothers first cousin. Knowing how close I am with my first cousins, I can’t imagine the pain that my grandmother is in today.

    Elysa Schwartz Beautifully said, Julian. We all must stick together. There is too much hate in this world and it must be replaced with love.

    Elysa provided the facebook photos for the MSM

    Elysa Schwartz is with Faye Schwartz.
    Yesterday at 10:38 ·
    The events of yesterday were overwhelming. The second I heard of a shooting at Tree of Life, my knees went weak and my heart sank that I was bound to know someone. A family member, a friend from USY, a colleague. I went on Facebook immediately and was relieved as each person I knew posted they were safe. Then, my dad told me that my cousin was shot in the arm and no one knew where my other cousin was. She is 97 and doesn’t have a cell phone. I kept trying to think positive that Rose was just being sheltered at a neighbors house and they didn’t have a way to get in touch with her. Late into the night, they identified her as one of the 11.

    Rose was one of the matriarchs of the family. She was my grandma’s first cousin….[continues ]
    a bit mixed up there in that narrative facebook post.

    Check the “STRONGER than Hate” theme and logo, not doubt designed long ago…. Echoing the Jo Cox “love not hate” psy-op in the UK

    oops, nearly forgot the standard “appeal for blood”, because people got shot, right?
    Here we go…
    Elysa Schwartz
    22 hrs ·
    For those who have inquired about how to help, there is a blood drive to help the survivors. My cousin, Andrea, is one of those in need of blood….


    and we must bring sport, in this case, ICE HOCKEY into the psy-op, the Pittsburgh Penguins drive for blood. And no doubt the Penguins will bring us minutes of silence etc etc etc. Doesn’t sport bring us together after a psy-op?

    1. ab Post author

      Do you think all of these seniors were relocated? I haven’t bothered to check even one but contend that nothing is SIMpler than a sim.

      1. xileffilex

        no, if you have sims, then you get whole new layers of people who will be saying wtf – never heard of them in the synagogue etc etc – then you have to invent rafts of non-existent relatives. I never found any sims in UK HRDPAS – the sim is misdirection imo as I’ve said many times before. The “sim” gambit is sheer laziness – you don’t need to do any research. Hey, they’re all sims, move on. End of research.

        1. ab Post author

          How would ever hear of these new layers of people saying wtf? In the media? You think the crisis actors are actual relatives?

          1. xileffilex

            No, wtf is my interpretation of what my reaction might be if, for example, someone was alleged to have died in a staged event, from my schoolclass or street but I never heard of them…… [What crisis actors btw ?]
            Here’s the well prepared biography dictionary of the fictims thanks to TIS at LRF
            Look, here’s a prominent doctor in Pittsburgh…Dr Jerry Paul Rabinowitz **
            His name and that of his partner Ciesielka is all over the web – obviously it’s all a simulation, with thousands of simulated patients, and his degree was simulated back in 1977 when this hoax was hatched…
            [you have to scroll down] Doctor of Medicine May 22 1977. I guess all his classmates of 1977 are in on it as well protecting a simulated classmate.
            It takes time to find this, but no time to write it all off as a simualtion. So Rabinowiitz is recruited and clears off. Who’s in the know, who’s out of the loop, that’s the eternal question.

            Here’s his obituary [premature….]
            which would, not doubt, if he were a sim, produce a collective WTF from the whole Jewish community who had never heard of him – or are the all in on the scam?

            And they even TELL us what’s going on here…
            Richard Gottfried was preparing for a new chapter in his life.

            Gottfried ran a dental office with his wife and practice partner Margaret “Peg” Durachko Gottfried. He and his wife met at the University of Pittsburgh as dental students, according to the Washington Post, and opened their practice together in 1984.

            Gottfried, who often did charity work seeing patients who could not otherwise afford dental care, was preparing to retire in the next few months.
            He, along with Wax and Stein, “led the service, they maintained the Torah, they did what needed to be done with the rabbi to make services happen,” Cohen said.
            “He died doing what he liked to do most,” said Don Salvin, Gottfried’s brother-in-law, told the Washington Post

            I think you spend too much time trying to apply the vicsim report to every HRDPAR where NDNGH. Ab

            I’m not going to waste any more time on this hoax – they’re all off to Israel, wherever and most of us, the jewish community included, are none the wiser.

            **Yes,I know he’s 66 but that’s a good age to “retire” and every car bus and truck registered in the UK in late 2016 and early 2017 had the registration 66.

            1. timr

              What do you think about the alleged shooter Robert Bowers? I heard NPR talk about him yesterday and they described him as someone who only had one semi-estranged friend, who attracted little attention. Seemed like there was not much to confirm he really existed. From what I heard there.
              Doing a quick search… All the stories just talk about his recent social media history, and say nothing about where he worked, his family, any kind of real biography.

              1. xileffilex

                Dunno, these kind of people don’t have much previous internet presence, unlike dentists and doctors…. common name too. I’m not terribly interested now in this one.


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