7 thoughts on “JLB on Calcified Lies

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Whilst there’s a good point in there about not becoming paranoid about everyone being agents, or that ‘they’re out to get you’ , John persists with a couple of themes that I completely disagree with him on.

    He ridicules the look of the LEM on the Moon and suggests it was deliberately made to look ridiculous.
    This seems, at best, totally naive. Does John not understand how perspective changes with time ?
    In 1969 I’d say the LEM looked like the peak of scientific achievement and was designed to look so. It was a very different time. If we consider, as John seems to want us to, that the Lunar module was deliberately made to look stupid, we completely miss the big point that, with time, technology and changing understanding, TPTB are caught in an ‘obvious’ lie and their silly Lunar module looks dumb, because time has exposed it.
    Is John trying to make excuses for the ‘NUTWORK’ ? Certainly his take seems to give them more credit than they’re due.

    The other one he keeps banging on about is the idea that there are no ‘paid shills’ online in the ‘alternative scene’ at the grass root level. Really ? Is this just naivety again, or what ? I don’t want to make a big deal about it or indeed go running around calling everyone a shill (that’s a fair point ) but, to think there are no agents at all online seems naive again. It’s a fact of life in these circles. Get over it. And why does he
    persist with this notion ? Is he trying to protect agents by getting people to look away from the truth ?

    Finally, sunscreen. Haha. Listening to John I’m half tempted to throw away the sunblock and head out into the midday sun to absorb as many of the nourishing rays as possible. Actually though, in my case that wouldn’t be that sensible. Just the other week I was caught out working in the Sun all day without any sun block and I got burnt quite badly on my face. This was uncomfortable and remembering to wear some protection would have saved me that discomfort.

    Perhaps there’s a fair point in there that some people have interpreted certain propaganda to the point of being overly afraid of the Sun and it’s essential nutrients, but I’d say ,these days, that there’s plenty of information available about the benefits of some sunlight and received contemporary wisdom actually suggests we get out there and get some Vitamin D.

    That all said, there is a fair point in there about not being paranoid about agents everywhere and I thought John’s nod to Johnny Clues on his later audio regarding Johnny’s humility was a nice moment.

    1. John le Bon

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Tom. It is appreciated. As are your contributions to the audiochats over the years, offering a sane perspective on how easy (or difficult) it is to create fake talented musicians and so forth. You have provided much-needed balance on that particular topic.

      “…to think there are no agents at all online seems naive again. It’s a fact of life in these circles.”

      Do you not see that you are proving my point here? You simply reassert the claim that ‘paid shills’ exist, ‘it is a fact of life in these circles’, without providing any actual evidence. This is how the ‘paid shills’ meme works: it operates as faith, anybody who questions the dogma is labeled as a boogeyman and/or derided as ‘naive’. The echo chamber continues, day after day, month after month, year after year.

      Slowly, though, people seem to be waking up to the ruse. 70+ Members on my site (and growing) is evidence of this. And when I do my own tour of North America next year and meet up with people ‘in real life’, skepticism of the ‘paid shills’ meme will continue to grow, too. When people finally leave the mind virus behind, they look back and laugh at how gullible they had ever been to believe in it.

      You’ll see for yourself in time, I am quite confident.

      Regarding the ‘lunar module’, it is a joke, it was always a joke, it will always be a joke. Aluminium foil, cardboard, and plastic funnels. A complete joke from start to finish. This is another thing that people are starting to wake up to: it doesn’t take a genius to SEE that the lunar module is a joke. It always was and always will be obvious that it is in fact a joke.

      So the question naturally follows: why did they not make it more believable? Why make it so obvious?

      The answer is both illuminating and uplifting. The whole thing was a joke that only some of us would ever GET. A joke. Not some evil plan to deceive, but a joke, which any of us are welcome to get, and to laugh along with, although most never will, because the typical human is a lemming, an NPC, a creature no more capable of independent thought than it is capable of flight.

      Regarding sunscreen, if you got burned in the sun, then that is your body telling you to spend less time in direct sunlight at that time of day. It is not your body asking to be covered in chemicals. But if you want to keep lathering that stuff on your body, then that is your prerogative.

      Cheers, bro.

      1. xileffilex

        John. Here’s a suggestion. Sign up to the David Icke forums, using your familiar lime green and black avatar. Start posting your firmly held beliefs on the various threads which are ripe for your intervention, then come back here and let us know how you get on.
        Either – all your guaranteed chorus of respondents [will] have a very strange, and coincidental unpaid hobby in their mothers’ basements/attics/sheds or….

  2. xileffilex

    I wish to add, not having listened to Ep #117 before, what a brilliant summary of ‘the state we’re in’ Ab delivers at the start before Calcified Lies is introduced. Worth listening to again just for that.

  3. xileffilex

    only upto 7:57 and I divert to examine the outpourings of Step2theJep at Reddit. I am astonished to detect amazing stylistic similaries with the writings of JLB himself, even the content seems congruent with his thought processes. Amazing.


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