JC 2.01 – Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting Hoax

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JC is back – and does a great job commenting on the latest .

This is the kind of audio I really enjoy and wish there were more of on the audiochat.

It’s the reason I created the audiochat in the first place.

Good for Johnny producing it on his own. All that is lacking is a good mic, which I’m sure JC will upgrade.

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6 thoughts on “JC 2.01 – Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting Hoax

  1. Henkus

    Liked the podcast.

    Two thing I want to say :

    I think this is a fabricated story, mainly because this story went international super fast.
    It was also in the news feed here in Holland, but we never got to see the shitty actors. haha
    Totally plays into the ‘evil white males theory’ that we are fed daily here, as well as I guess in most places.

    Second, it sounds like you are smoking a bong in the background when you talk.
    Totally seems believable considering the topic to even try to stay sane, or is just a sound effect or a buddy on the couch?
    Guess it is just background noise.

    1. JohnnyClues

      “it sounds like you are smoking a bong in the background when you talk.”

      Lol 🙂 – my apologies – the headset was not cooperating, but the new headset should fix that – at one point – it sounds like I began vacuuming while recording? 🙂 – that was actually my heat in my apt turning on – but I live quite close to a fairly busy street and get some street noise – but I also noticed some ticking bs going on – I plan to have a better quality sound in the future. thanks for the feedback and listening. JC ps – I use a pipe to smoke miss mary – ssssh keep that between just us 🙂

  2. JohnnyClues

    Thanks Ab for the nice comments you made. I’m glad you enjoyed my take on the “event”.
    Great news! I accidently stepped on my headset, and had to purchase a new headset, which I have done, should be arriving next week, i’m hoping the audio quality is much better in the future.

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