Fakeologist disinformation network exposed by the quotes

like this

Steve’s paranoia goes another level deeper. Should I be flattered by this new level of attention? I didn’t really know there were different types of quotation marks between the Americans and the British. For some reason I favor the American spelling of many words, simply because they look better to me. Many Canadians are stuck in between British and American isms, including me.

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4 thoughts on “Fakeologist disinformation network exposed by the quotes

  1. ab Post author

    From Nadine,

    Longtime reader, not a commenter.

    The funny thing about people questioning disinformation regarding using different spellings is that it totally depends on which device we are using as Canadians for which spellings are accepted.

    My computer is set up well for Canadian English, but my phone is totally another story. It won’t let me set up my Canadian favourites like color and neighbour but likes to screw me over by continually added amd to my lexicon.

    The best part is now you can have even more fun before posting by switching up what you are writing. Take it up to a whole new level and have Jon or anyone else non-Canadian edit your text into their own English dialect before posting.

    I also love the various dialects of ESL speakers. Perhaps you have a neighbor (there it goes again… darn autocorrect)or coworker in Toronto that is willing to oblige you by editing what you say into their particual idiosyncrasy of learning English in a non-English speaking country. That would be ….bollocks …wicked …sweet …hilarious …you get the idea.

    For super fun, find a Newfie. ?

    Your Alberta friend,


  2. xileffilex

    I’ve deliberately mixed US and British spellings to confuse the paid shills who peruse these pages. I also find ” ” easier on my keyboard than ‘ ‘. BTW at 26.30 in the video, Lesta Nediam’s screenshot contribution has all the style marks of JLB. Check it out, Bro’s.

  3. Hare Brain

    He makes some interesting points. How can someone alternate between favorite and favourite? Especially in the same paragraph. There might be a few things where I use both spellings, like gray and grey.

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