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A meta discussion on .

Discussion on trustworthyness of Kham and Fakeologist.


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  1. John le Bon

    Listened to this call while I went for my daily sun + exercise today. Thanks to the participants and as always to Ab for hosting the platform for these discussions to take place. A few thoughts in no particular order:

    1) It is nice to see more people not only challenging the ‘paid shills’ meme, but considering the meta aspects i.e. what drives people to hunt for ‘paid shills’ in the first place. As Matti seemed to be suggesting, a certain desire for ‘trust’ leads some people to focus on whether or not a presenter makes them ‘feel good’ rather than the objective evidence.

    To phrase it another way, I personally could not care less whether or not a listener/viewer ‘trusts’ me. Unless you have met me in person you don’t even know me. Why the hell would you trust me? I present my evidence, my reasoning, my conclusions, and I am happy to discuss my evidence/reasoning/conclusions with those who are interested in doing so. That is all that matters. The rest is feefees nonsense for overgrown children.

    Muh feefees! He hurt muh feefees!

    Shut up, idiot. The grownups are talking.

    2) Faye’s mic is still too hot. Or OS and Matti’s are too cold.

    3) Matti mentioned how at a major accident (a fall from a balcony at a party) the people present began hugging each other (in a kind of grief/mourning/dealing with shock ritual), and he implied that this behaviour was driven or inspired by the nonsense on the news. I had not considered this before but it makes sense to me. The lemmings are so stupid they need to be (and/or are) programmed by TV about how to behave when disaster strikes.

    4) How does this post have 23 likes? Is somebody taking the piss? There are normally only 5 or 6 likes total per post, this is more than a mere ‘outlier’.

    5) Faye made the point that if a website/platform is going set a certain proof or evidence threshold/demand for media events to be considered ‘real’, and changes the requirements because a website/platform member bears witness to an event, then the website/platform is being hypocritical (for want of a better term). I tend to agree with Faye’s basic point here. Seems like common sense to me. What is good for the goose ought to be good for the (Proper) gander.

    Do I believe John Adams’ or KHam’s accounts of people they know who died in events? No, but I do not disbelieve them either. I have too little evidence to go on to come to any major conclusions one way or the other. More importantly, I just don’t care. I have much more interesting and important things to spend my time and mental on.

    Which leads me to my final point: is there anybody out there who has not yet realised that the entire media fakery sub-section of the ACT realm is basically just like an online version of high school, with cliques and fallings out and gossip and dramas of all kinds? Except at high school nobody claimed or believed that government agents were infiltrating the cohort. At high school the kids aren’t that stupid or self-absorbed.


  2. xileffilex

    OH! OH! OH!
    Observer – I think THIS deserves its own thread.
    seconded by Fbenario.
    Answer – dumped in the derailing room **

    Have some posts been deleted, even from the derailing room? How did the Psyopticon voice morphing nonsense get brought up [and which needs to be assessed in light of the subsequent defection of the Dustban duo]?

    Observer wrote:
    PS – since we’re discussing lack of trust, and actions speaking louder than words, I’m going to get this off my chest right now: I wish we would all man up and send Simon some contributions for hosting fees, so that Simon can host his 19 videos HERE at CluesForum.info/SeptemberClues… because the owner of that flat-earth site “Ab” was once caught forgetting to press his voice-changer button for a few seconds, which revealed his un-morphed voice, before he realized and turned his usual “Ab” voice-altering-software back on. Does anyone here have the link to Ab’s un-explained highly-suspicious voice-change and Ab’s casual “brushing the momentary voice change off like it was no big deal” reply?

    I can’t find where Observer wrote this originally at CF, quoted by Simon,
    Anyone help?
    ** This fascinating topic also has contributions in the Chatbox in addition to Kham’s original bombshell in the thread on the abject California son of Pulse #HRDPAR.


    I am not going to allow a public inquisition of a well respected and valuable member such as Kham.

    Aaaaand, while we’re here, quondam respected and vabluable members of the inquisitive. hoax-busting branch of humanity. John Adams and Chris both seem to have vanished completely. Go figure.

    1. ab Post author

      I put the voice morphing software scandal on the same level as the Russian interference in the US election. Complete and utter nonsense blown up into something huge.

    2. Unreal

      Regarding Kham being a witness to a terror event this is quite a surprising discovery that clearly needs to be investigated as it is just as suspect as any other researcher who make direct ties to psyop’ery.

      In the Discord discussion, Fakeologist member Originalstimulant have informed that the event Kham contends to have witnessed live is the 2011 Galaxy nightclub shooting at the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn.

      ” At about 1:09 a.m. Chaparro-Vielma returned, disappearing into a bathroom for a few minutes. He then walked straight to the Galaxy, where he stayed for about 19 minutes before he made his way across the dance floor to where his intended victims were dancing and began firing. ” ( Auburn reporter article )

      Apparently Kham has equally spoken about this “real” terror event on air in a previous Clues Chronicles episode – but i’m unaware which episode this concerns.

      What transpires nevertheless is that Clues Forum is doing a very poor job at attempting to investigate the realness of this shooting incident and Kham has not responded to the objective and straightforward questions from Clues member Observer.

      Clues Forum post by Observer :

      [ ambulance outside the Casino following the shooting from Daily mail article ]

    3. Unreal

      Hereunder is the initial post by Kham where she mentions how she witnessed a bar shooting with her daughter. From the “K” forum post and Originalstimulants information about the actual event being the 2011 Muckleshoot casino shooting i have a hard time to see the match between the two events as Kham speak of 2 dead and 3 injured whereas the Muckleshoot casino shooting killed four and injured three…

      ” Having been in a bar shooting where 2 people died and 3 people were injured from gunfire I have the advantage of telling MY story, regardless of social norms.

      What I experienced was that IMMEDIATELY when the gunfire started the establishment emptied out, people ran past the shooter before the gunfire ceased. People got the heck out!!! NO ONE stayed behind to get under blankets, or to be hugged by other party goers for emotional comfort, or to give statements to the media. Those who stayed behind needed immediate emergency medical assistance. There were exactly 3 people who needed emergency medical assistance so only 3 people stayed behind. The people who needed emotional comfort or blankets received them at home where it was safe with loved ones. Thing is, at the time of the shooting, as I recall, no one knew how many shooters were in the vicinity. Even though the first shooter stopped after he emptied his clip how does one know for sure if he is the only shooter? The natural instinct was to err on the side of caution and leave before any other shooters opened fire. Since I was in a pile of people with my daughter up by the stage who hadn’t been able to escape, I was able to witness the entire event (…) ”
      Original CF post here : cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

      1. xileffilex

        If that’s the case – and there were actually TWO #NDNGH shooting drills that night in Seattle in 2011 – then Kham needs to specifiy the exact event. It’s not like one will forget it, were it to have been a real [i.e. drill] calendar event.

        Where does Originalsimulent state the date and location of Kham’s alleged shooting encounter? The two dead three injured identifier does not match any “real” drill event in the Washington state area.

        Incidentally, on a forum, I came across the “narrative” for the July 2011 Muckleshoot Casino Galaxy drill, more usually nowadays posted by a fake witness on facebook, or a series of connected tweets.

        1. Unreal

          Originalstimulant has not been very forthcoming about the details he has revealed thus far. Maybe he is not interested, or he doesn’t have any good information much like Kham’s silence suggest of her trustworthiness.

          Regarding the shooting itself we have Kham’s “firsthand” account that states the number of victims and wounded and the type of establishment this episode happened.

          It is from Originalstimulant we have the information about where this shooting happened which purportedly is at the Muckleshoot Casino.

          The audio account from Kham has been confirmed by Originalstimulant as well and he first proposed to find it after his working hours, then walked away from from it alltogether only specifying the audio was aired “before March/April”.

          Cluesforum member ‘Observer’ can not confirm there is any audio about Kham’s shooting testimony – originally the information about the audio was given to him in a PM but has not been possible to verify.

          So the information we dispose of is lacklustre and unreliable from Kham’s silence and Originalstimulant’s unreliability and disinterest.

          The fact remains that Kham has admitted to having witnessed a bar shooting live accompanied with her daughter as she created a dedicated thread to the California Bar “Shooting”.

          [ It is a delusional position by Kham to contend wanting to research one bar shooting while concealing information about another bar shooting where she to boot have been a real witness herself. ]

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