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Further to Xilefelix’s theory that not all victims are , we have this (identical) twin story recirculating.

Identical twins are always useful in intelligence operations. 

Hockey players had quite a few stories. Must be to keep the Canadians interested. 

Like most people in America, Jason Fitzsimmons watched  the horrifying images of the terrorist attacks on television throughout the day. Fitzsimmons, an assistant coach for the Stingrays in 2001, learned that night from Concannon that Mark Bavis had been killed.


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  1. localherog2

    Hockey, for some reason, is neck-deep involved in these psyops from the fake Humboldt Broncos bus crash to the way the Vegas Golden Knights milked the fake Vegas shooting. #VegasStrong was everywhere during the Knights run to the Stanley Cup.

    1. misom

      About the specifics of hockey i do not know much but generally i think that closed environments, where the “participants” have a longstanding presence and specialization are closely controlled and easy to adjust/use to interests of the “bosses” of those environments.

  2. xileffilex

    well, the advantage of using identical twins is that the fictim can always pretend to be the “survivor” if clocked in Chiang Mai or wherever.
    If you look you can find plenty of witnesses to them both at college or playing together.
    I wonder how they decided who would be aboard 175?
    Cherylanne @CA_Corneille
    Just showed Mike Bavis. He & his twin bro Mark played when I was at BU. Sadly, Mark was aboard 2nd plane that hit World Trade Center. #RIP
    6:04 pm – 22 Nov 2013

    Yup, she exists

    “speaking for the first time” [2006?]

    Tahnee B.
    2 years ago
    I remember them my freshman year at BU 1992, they were seniors and stars of the BU hockey team. All the girls loved them LOL! I didn’t know them personally but in a way it felt personal when I found out mark Bavis was on one of the planes, I was totally shocked and deeply saddened for them.?

    6 years ago
    What a great person and one of my closest childhood friends.
    I spent many days playing football and baseball with Mark and Mike.
    RIP Mark. ?

    Nicole Bavis
    8 years ago
    He is my second cousin ..didn’t kno him very well tho..=(?

    Twins together at BU

    source Boston University,with family and sporting history
    2011, naturally.

    their father, a retired police officer.…The brothers grew up in Roslindale, Mass., the youngest in a family with eight children….Both brothers played at BU, where twice they shared the Bennett McInnis Award for Team Spirit. The Terriers advanced to the NCAA Tournament all four years they were on the team and won three Beanpot titles and one Hockey East Championship. “Growing up, we probably fed off competing against one another,” says Mike. “That made us better at our sport. But we were always pulling for each other.”

    After college, Mark played in the American Hockey League as a ninth-round draft pick for the New York Rangers. He and Mike later became teammates, playing for the South Carolina Stingrays. Then Mark worked as an assistant coach at Brown and Harvard before joining the Los Angeles Kings, where he was responsible for U.S. amateur drafts. “He really enjoyed it,” Mike recalls. “He got to work with some great people.”

    Mike was in Calgary, Alberta, recruiting for the Terrier hockey team the morning of 9/11, when his wife called to say that something had happened at the World Trade Center. “My immediate concern was, where are you? Where are the kids? Even though it was New York, I had an immediate sense that this was something dramatic and big and that I needed to get home.” A short time later, he got another call, this time from one of his older brothers. “He asked, ‘Have you heard from Mark?’ and I said, ‘No, why?’” His brother told him that Mark was scheduled to fly out of Boston that day. “I had this sense that I knew right then,” he says. A phone call from the LA Kings general manager confirmed his worst fear: Mark had been on United Flight 175.

    Hmmmmm rather scripted the last part

    Just wondering if any other siblings, not named, were hockey players…

  3. misom

    Seems like the ice-hockey season is about to begin… 🙂

    The image of this fictim on the Vicsim report (as per cnn memorial data) is exactly the same as the article above, except that on one the person is smiling while on the other not.

    Cluesforum has discussed this fictim in relation to Ace Bailey, also alleged victim of “flight 175”, from Lloydminster, Sasakatchewan Canada, pro hockey scouting director.

    1. xileffilex

      Faye – the Vicsim link doesn’t work. However, following the general forum at Cluesforum [Cf] within that link took me to a fascinating back and forward debate about the existence of Fred Varacchi at Cantor Fitzgerald [CF]
      involving gizmo98 and mishy. in 2012
      Varacchi was probably the highest paid and highest ranking fictims in the twin towers. That his photos for the “memorials” are rare is neither here nor there, one of seven Cantor Fitzgerald [CF] board members to go off to new lives at 9/11.
      gizmo98 restricts himself/herself to Varacchi rather than extend to all the Cantor top dogs through personal acquaintance although naturally we have no proof of that **.

      To suggest that the Chief Operating Officer and President of CF was a simulated entity is delusional in the extreme.
      Vide comments here

      But even if Fred is in Chiang Mai or Palm Springs, the deception involves the same circle of alleged relatives who would have to be gatekeepers for a “sim” – where to draw the line between those in the know and the useful idiots. The eternal conundrum in every psy-op with faked deaths.

      16-10-2008, 11:59 AM

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      Wink Hi all.
      Just wanted to say hi. My second post here. Hope everyone is doing well.

      Chattanova :
      senior member
      Welcome gizmo I see you’ve been on here since april 2007, then it’s time to stop lurking

      16-10-2008, 12:32 PM #8
      Yes. I have been here since about 2002 or so. It is a quite different site these days.


      ** 2002! Perhaps late 2001?

      1. misom

        Sorry for the bad link, Xile, unfortunateley i cannot correct it right now because I can not access Cluesforum.
        The point of my references was twofold:

        1. That the Vicsim Report is not stating that 100% of the fictims are vicsims.
        2. That although there is Cluesforum and Fakeologist forum and Websites the research about the minutia of the Vicsim Report have stagnated in the 2011-2012.

        Coincidence? Of course not.

        1. xileffilex

          That the Vicsim Report is not stating that 100% of the fictims are vicsims.

          Faye – didn’t Ab say it was my own “theory”, one, incidentally, which seems to have upset a few people at Cf?

          The two images, smiling and non-smiling, look like they have been taken from the same photo-booth strip of four. Perhaps specially commissioned for the “detwinning” exercise on 9/11.

          I’ve just come across this cache of Bavis photographic paraphernalia at the frequently encountered fictim “legacy/foundation/scholarship” type organisation created in memory of Mark
          image 6 is taken from the same photo shoot as the following low res image encountered on google searches
          More info here –

          1. misom

            Xile, thanks for the feedback.

            I know your position on the 911 fictims issue because I have followed (as good as I could) your research. I understood, simply said, that you have concluded (and proven) that part of the fictims were real persons, relocated, etc. I agree with your conclusion in general.

            The reason why I stated that the Vicsim Report does NOT conclude that 100% of the fictims are vicsims is, because the main point of critic on the Vicsim Report, which is widespread, is that allegedly the report concludes that all alleged victims of the 911 psyop were simulated entities – aka: “they believe everything is fake”.

            You were banned, as you said, from Cluesforum because you were researching the status (my wording) of the alleged victims of 911. Was this a misunderstanding (on behalf of Cluesforum) of your theory, or does this mean that CF believes all alleged victims were simulated entities?

            I do not know if the confusion about this topic is being produced strategically in order to avoid the research about the status of the alleged victims. Fact is that the research about the status of the alleged victims has NOT continued since 2012. Although hundreds of new researchers have joined CF and FAK, which was created in 2012.

            As I said above, I agree with your conclusion in general that part of the alleged victims of 911 were not simulated entities but real persons.

            A conclusive position about every single alleged victim of the 911 psyop is still pending but it would be a progress in the 911 research to have it. It could be e.g.:
            Type a: X is a real person
            Type b: Y is a simulated entity
            Type c: Z, we are not sure about
            Type d: A, is a combination of this and that

            Why would this be important? Well, because not everything is fake in the 911 psyop and the difference between the faked and the real elements of a psyop results in other knowledge than the one provided by the “all fake” conclusion.

            1. xileffilex

              No, the Cf banning was unconnected with the Vicsim Report or Simon. It’s worth pointing out how Antipodean was roughed up at Cf after producing a mountain of evidence for the life history of Robert Eaton who allegedly died in the twin towers. Interestingly, his mother has just died, in her 80s and his sister Barbara has uploaded a tribute, as well as, in 2016, yet another family photo of the four siblings – Robert the youngest by 9 years, the only boy.


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