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  1. JohnnyClues

    This is still an actual topic? ๐Ÿ™‚ Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it, VERY apparent @fakeologist.com ๐Ÿ™‚ Not so many wide eyes here as one would wish ๐Ÿ™‚ only cooperative agents for the most part ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Terran Downvale

    Sigh… Since the idea has been put out on the table now (yet everyone is still dancing around the obvious question), I’ll go ahead and ask it straight out….

    @Ab Is that you calling in as “Paolo Waolo” at the beginning of Brian Stavely’s “9/11 Anniversary” video below?

    Because it sounds exactly like you pretending to be another person, or someone pretending to be you pretending to be another person. I know from his “Apocalypse” discussion with JLB (released 2 days before Annette Carrion’s alleged death), that “John Adams” can do a decent impression of you, which I’m sure is even more impressive when he’s not kidding around (listen @13:50 here).

    So what’s the deal? Is this a prank of some sort? Kham seems to be involved in some kind of “poker game prank” judging from the impossible same-name coincidence I pointed out in this post. Or is all of this just another case of “nothing to see, nothing to hear?” Why is no one asking these obvious questions? Like Faye, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only genuine non-prankster here!

    1. ab Post author

      Sorry, that’s not me. I don’t even have enough time to do my own show. John Adam’s impression was even farther away from what I sound like. If you think I’m playing games, then clearly you’re wasting your time here.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Hey now, Ab. That’s a pretty unfair response. I think my question is perfectly reasonable given that multiple people here had the same reaction to hearing Paolo’s voice (and particularly his laugh, in my case). Do you have any interest in the fact that he sounds so much like you that several of us have wondered about it? Are you concerned that a voice actor may be trying to set you up? A.A. Morris spoke/wrote cryptically about Rich Little and “impressions” in his own mini-apocalyptic “meltdown.” And then there was the 138 Show with Bobby & Bobby with the Chris Kendall soundalike. UNreal has uncovered a real problem with voice actors and voice manipulation in his TCC research. It does appear there is something going on here regarding “truther voices” that I think you would find of great interest. No?

        1. ab Post author

          If some of these Impressions were even half close I might be interested. Why not taking informal poll and see if anyone else besides you and a few others think that these voices are even remotely similar. I bet that most readers here think this is just a worthless distraction.

          1. Terran Downvale

            Well, if this place is packed with pranksters, I don’t imagine a poll would do much good. Your assessment of the accuracy of the voices seems pretty gas-lighty to me, especially since there are multiple other people here who share my opinion. Gaslighting is most effective when used against a single isolated person. I know, take a poll. I guess this inquiry has been successfully squelched. Carry-on, everyone.

            P.S. It stinks that I have to be the one to ask the obvious questions directly and “take the hit.” Whatever.

          2. Terran Downvale

            Btw, I’m not “mad” or upset if that’s what it sounds like. I’m just getting a better sense of the “grand joke” when it comes to psyopery and the nature of this reality. It’s all actually quite hilarious and I appreciate the humor. One interesting thing is that the examples of voice acting I’ve pointed out are so obvious that they are clearly meant to be discovered and then denied when pointed out. Not sure yet of the precise psychological purpose of that ploy. Wrap your brain around that one, Fakeologists. Ab, just remember that I’m still open to the idea that someone is pretending to be you pretending to be someone else. I would think you’d be very interested in that if such a trick has successfully psychologically manipulated multiple members here. This is where we like to dissect the minute details of complex psychological operations, isn’t it?

          3. Tom Dalpra

            Ha! Yeh, an informal pole, good idea.
            My answer ? It doesn’t sound anything like him to me and Ab has never shown any sign of talent in doing voices.

            Weird stuff. I mean really ? I hadn’t seen this discussion and then Johnny Clues posts a video in the comments of one of my videos saying that fakeologist is exposed!!

            This all seems very silly. If Ab is a controlled op, that still isn’t him and anyone suggesting it is looks silly.
            It is topical though isn’t it, in that UNreal has his x is y VD thread running at the moment.

            This voice morphing paranoia is a load of absolute bollocks. We’ve been through it before.

        2. Unreal

          Maybe Ab is right.

          Most Fakeologists may not take any more interest in voice disguise deception than they care for investigation of difficult topics such as John Adams being dishonest about Annette Carrion’s motorcycle accident or Kham distorting the facts of a shooting she witnessed and that now appear likely to be fake as well.

          For us who do this unpopular research (Carrion, Muckleshoot, EGI, Voice disguise) it is noteworthy that despite popular dissent at the outset – the findings of such “unwanted” topics do have an impact as the findings are concrete and only disputed by ignorance and sophistry.

          The fact is that voice today is so easy to modify does constitute a major security threat for even banks and other voice-dependent services. Its unreasonable to assume the advantages of such available and useful technology has not been implemented by intelligence agents who by nature need to protect their real identity – by funny hats, clothes, fake beards, sunglasses and… artificial accents and modified voices.

          It would not be fatal if suspicion of voice deception is debunked, the worst would be that nobody investigate nor propose new or unpopular topics to investigate – like it or not. Normally this is the particularity of Fakeologist, to be one of few places where no topic is taboo and no individual sensored less they behave badly – and raising questions of deception including voice can hardly qualify as such – rather the contrary.

          As i’ve taken the time to study several suspect cases of voice disguise and the technology behind it, i do concur with Terran Downvale and personally find there is definate likeness between the voices of Chris Kendall/Bobby, McGowen/Hans Utter, Rik Clay/Eric Dubay, Jay Dyer/tasteoffreedom, Dante/Marcus Allen – and equally Ab/Paolo Waolo.

          I do hope to be wrong – but i do know it can only be right to investigate and compare voice-prints, vocal patterns, pitch and electronic distortions in every suspect case and verify whether suspicion is legitimate or not. Just as Fakeologists are supposed to do (imho).

          Voice Disguise Deception (forum topic)

          Voice Vices (article)

      2. xileffilex

        “Paulo Waulo” [who seems to hesitate when trying to remember his own name] doesn’t even sound Canadian. I think we’re going off into la-la land here with this voice morphing paranoia.
        I prefer comparing writing styles, myself. e.g. the various similarities I’ve detected among Australian online content producers and commenters.

        1. Unreal

          I think weโ€™re going off into la-la land here with this voice morphing paranoia.

          This is equally how Annette Carrion, Kham and other unconfortable investigations were greeted by many Fakeologists – some now ex-Fakeologists.

          As much as it may be incomfortable to realise we have taken interest in material presented by fake personas (ie McGowan, Adams) – it is also important to realise that even intel operatives need to use partly valid research in order to convince their sometimes challenging audience. And just like in acting – even playing a bad guy doesn’t necesserily make you bad – although it is impossible from our side of the table to accept a rigged game.

          If we look closer at McGowan as an exemple – his death is clearly suspect of being faked. So what will intelligence do with a highly skilled and successful conspiracy figure* once his persona is extinct ? And how has McGowan been able to lead a double existence as both a truther and an intel operative – possibly with a family, friends and children with an internet connection ?

          If conspiracy culture is merely half as full of paid intel operatives as i now presume – every field agent with media presence would need to protect his authentic identity. It is therefore clear that the heavy audio presence in conspiracy research will incite use of voice disguise for those who are most careful and meticulous about their jobs while at the same time protecting their actual family and social life.

          Just look at footage from a conspiracy conference to observe how most Truthers seem to portray scripted, disguised personas – and often their voice and accent sound funny as well. Voice disguise is just another part of the toolbox used for scripted characters that we have not yet payed enough attention to.
          *the topics covered between McGowan and Hans Utter are largely overlapping and the voices are a very close match – one dies and another rises

        2. vercite2

          I think weโ€™re going off into la-la land here with this voice morphing paranoia.

          Evidence for the reality of voice disguise and fake personas has been provided in multiple posts, comments, and forums. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.

          I prefer comparing writing styles, myself. e.g. the various similarities
          Iโ€™ve detected among Australian online content producers and commenters.

          Interesting, but perhaps it would have been more appropriate for that information to have been posted to the Conspiracy Conspiracy topic thread. Was it ever mentioned previously? If so, please provide links. If not, why not? Do you have examples of the similarities of these Australian Truthers that Fakeologists may evaluate for themselves?

        3. Terran Downvale

          โ€œPaulo Wauloโ€ [who seems to hesitate when trying to remember his own name] doesnโ€™t even sound Canadian

          LOL. I hope you were joking there. Do I really need to explain voice acting? Dialing a certain accent up or down, removing it entirely or even mixing accents would par for the course for a trained professional impressionist. So would the ability to intentionally mimic a less than convincing amateur voice impression. No voice morphing software required, although I’m sure that would help as well. I think the 138 Show with Bobby & Bobby with its intentionally no-so-disguised voices and mangled audio was basically an admission of what’s been going on. A test to see how many of us would notice something so obvious and who would instead allow TRUST to dictate their perception. Add in some fakers to play incredulous and pull a “Do you still see four fingers Winston, or is it five?” mind-fuck and there you have it. Completely undetected trust-based mind control of the Fakeologist audience maintained and STRENGTHENED for the next test… and the next… and the next… and so on.

          1. Terran Downvale

            Maybe you should just delete this whole thread. I don’t care about any of this, really. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to get sucked back into this. There’s no point. I’d actually feel better if all my posts were gone from here. I’m done putting energy into these discussions. Time to get off the merry-go-round.

            1. ab Post author

              Sorry, I can’t delete posts and threads here. Once said, it’s set. I can’t fire bullet holes into the blog and make it look like swiss cheese. I can tell everyone to ignore your posts if you like, and I suspect many do already. Good day.

  3. Unreal

    Xileffilex: I wasn’t aware Hoi Polloi had abondonded Clues Forum and now is off to “another path in his life”- maybe Kham is too ?

    Either way, Hoi Polloi gave Kham way too much slack as he interviewed her on CC23 about the Muckleshoot Casino shooting – listening back to the interview (here) it is evident Hoi knew just as much as Kham about the incident with his numerous leading questions.

    By merely reading one of the many articles about the case, it should be clear at least how there were no persons killed – which strongly suggest Hoi either did not verify anything on his own* or he helped Kham appear credible in her improbable testimony that incorrectly stated two individuals died and three were injured.

    In HDRPAR reality the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting always has been portrayed as an incident with 7 injured – no dead. As the culprit was “tackled to the floor” on the night of the dark deed, trial documents confirming as much were established very early which was relayed by the press as well – probably before Kham and daughter got home to their LARP’er blankets.

    Shooter injures 7 at Muckleshoot Casino nightclub; suspect arrested
    (July 25th 2011 @ 2:59pm)

    Galaxy shooting witness testimony by Kham – 2 dead 3 injured
    CC Issue 23: Hi, โ€˜Does Rocketry Work in the Vacuum?โ€™ (from 1h18min)

    *the supposition Hoi Polloi did no research on his own directly contradicts what transpires during CC23 as in depth knowledge of the Muckleshoot Casino event while inteviewing K. Hammad

  4. JohnnyClues

    @Faye – in your recent chat – the mention of mods being louder than the rest of us – sadly this is a fact! When I made my discord server – I noticed this option was there and in the “on” position. I turned that “off” though. All I am saying here is that yes- the moderator being louder is a setting.
    Also – I never heard this Brian Staveley audio you mentioned (2 audios back) where you though you heard Ab’s voice – but it was someone else name? sadly when you spoke to Ab recently – this was not brought up – I’d like to hear this audio you speak of. Have a nice day . JC

    1. misom

      JC, thanks for the info, i really did not know that and meanwhile i managed to lower the output depending on how loud my talkpartners are. Sometimes though i must confess, it makes sense to be louder especially when the topic is hot and everyone is talking crossway… ๐Ÿ™‚ No joke now: it is very annoying if the level of the participants of a discussion have so different volume.

      Concerning the Brian Staveley thing: it was a google hangout actually and the caller, of whom i believe it is Ab, called himself Palo Walo or something like that.

      I have to mention that the suspicion against Brian Staveley which was risen by Hoi Polloi on Cluesforum some years ago has still not been dissolved. I say this in order to make clear that my questions about this topic are unanswered and i do not have a personal opinion about Brian, contrary to some months ago, when i suspected him because i found CF undeniably trustworthy in every matter. This is not the case.

      Ab published it here on his website:

      Hey, come also to fakeologist discord to talk . i do so much errors when writing ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. JohnnyClues

        @Faye – you’re welcome. I don’t deal with that situation thankfully, as I listen with wireless headphones, that have volume control on the side, so it’s never a issue for myself, if someone is louder than others at times.

        Thanks for the info about the audio in question, I appreciate it.

        It hasn’t been dissolved has it? lol why am I not shocked? ๐Ÿ™‚ sadly it seems to be protocol Faye, as many many many questions I have remain unanswered – makes me go hmmmmmmm? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Go back to discord? Will you protect me from all the masonic wonders there? and all their bad comedic bs – trying to divert truth? ๐Ÿ™‚
        I could, perhaps to speak with you Faye, I’ll think about it – how is that? I find the server very uncomfortable… always a spoooooky vibe in there ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thanks again Faye – JC

        1. misom

          JC, i think the questions are important regardless of what others could or would or dont say. I am starting to realize that in many important things, e.g. the 911 psyop, it is very difficult to know enough so to become able to articulate a good question. Maybe we should talk about our unanswered questions and discuss if they are good enough !? ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. JohnnyClues

        My Goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ @Faye – I second your curiosity of this”alleged” “character” named Palo? is that what it is ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting laugh on that feller ๐Ÿ™‚ – I certainly will be doing much more research into this! now this! this is fakery research! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe this is quite the funny listen ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. ab Post author

      I never saw that little audio trick. It’s not activated on fakeologist, plus, you need a keybind on top of that to activate it.
      I do my best to level the audios. I make sure my output is maxed out before distorting. Depending on windoze, sometimes my audio is lowered and a reboot is required. Faye’s audio has always been at a good level, others, especially on phones, is usually too low – and I always ask the others to fix it if they can. There is no conspiracy here.

      1. JohnnyClues

        who said there was a conspiracy? I did not – I let her know that yes – this is a feature on discord – as I seen it myself on my discord. No reason to feel paranoid ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Unreal

    Really appreciated the last two audio chats (FAC510, FAC511) with Ab, Faye, Originalsimulent, Napoleon and Matti – good of you all to take on polemic topics and “keeping it real together” raising many important questions.

    From previous research into ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy’ it does not come as a surprise that acclaimed layman truthers also turn out to be professional hoaxers part of intel – so good that Fakeologists openly discuss the problems with giving false witness to hoaxed events.

    One would think such skepticism and thorough investigation would be the typical reaction from experienced Fakeologists and Clues Forum members in these situations – but apparently even Hoi Polloi and Simon Shack unduly give K. Hammad a lot of slack. The silence and ‘plausible denial’ shown in this case* is in my opinion the equivalent to complicity for gatekeeping and disinformation.

    In the end of this podcast there was discussion about the possibility a ‘Hyper Realistic Drill Portrayed As Real’ (HDRPAR) with LARP’ers (Live Action Role Players) could possibly happen unbeknownst to the press in an anonymous fashion. This is quite hard to believe.

    As a matter of fact, any Psychological Operation (PsyOp or HDRPAR with LARP’ers) is conceived to have public effect and by this essence of being do not even exist if it is not conveyed in some way to the public. In a false shooting nobody dies and the only reason anyone would think so is because the false information is relayed in the media – any LARP’er would be hired and payed to this very end.

    With the above in mind, i find it hard to believe that there is any event at all that is fake and at the same time not relayed by some type of media. It is therefore troublesome that Ab contends and testifies to just this very improbable thing to have happened someone in his family. Even less reassuring is the fact no other information other than trust was given to sustain such an improbable claim.

    โ€ขMe/My Family can testify that XYZ is true based on no evidence
    โ€ขMe/My Family was there
    โ€ขThe horrible event was not covered by any media


    I do assume Ab brought up his personal testimony in good faith. Nevertheless, it is this very type of nonsensical ‘info’ that hurts genuine research – especially as we now investigate Kham and that your claim (Ab) do support some type of unknown Muckleshoot PsyOps to actually exist unbeknownst to anyone. This is not likely less you can actually prove it. As it is – you ask for our trust in your persona to replace proper reasoning and facts.

    Personal knowledge to any PsyOp should in reality be a boon for any alternative researcher as we all too often are left with merely the press as a purveyor of information. Unfortunately, all too many truthers merely use this type of direct insight to blindfold us and lead the audience astray – which is exactly the effect of unsupported, incredible claims such as a HDRPAR ever happening outside of the media.

    I therefore really hope Ab will step up to the plate and give the Fakeologist community a chance to do the research you (Ab) seldom have the time to do and scrutinize the media for any trace of the HDRPAR you now testify to* as it is highly unlikely such an occurence ever happens outside of any media attention as claimed by the likes of Kham & John Adams.

    *we need not know their names – merely the event he/she/they witnessed in order to research the media for information as no hoax happens without an audience and some type of public relay

    *the case for a “real” event regarding Kham’s testimony is pretty slim by know (K shooting forum topic)

    1. xileffilex

      apparently even Hoi Polloi and Simon Shack unduly give K. Hammad a lot of slack

      Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/11/1…

      However, we read at Cf:

      “…both Hoi and Nonhocapito …. are pursuing other paths in their lives…

      according to Simon, 3 days after Kham’s bombshell – and still there has been no further development of the alluring California Bar “Shooting” 8/11/18 thread, which hit the buffers after Kham’s last contribution on Nov 13,not even by SacredCowSlayer who kicked it off!

  6. JohnnyClues

    Hi Faye – You are welcome – thanks for enjoying the audios – I’m not quite sure if or what types of audios I will be doing in the future – discussing the usual media fakery is almost like beating a dead horse – seems like possibly a waste of my time – not judging – to each there own – I do plan to continue my video series – explaining the dustban videos from years ago – but that will be on youtube as “understandably” faketube has not posted – which again – I “understand” – I do plan to stay as a member here on the website – as long as I don’t get banned for my personal opinions. As for discord – I have my own discord server now – we have zero masons there ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for writing Faye – JC —— now Hit me with that beautiful thumb down you luxurious hater ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. JohnnyClues

    @Faye – I did not leave the discord server because of you – I enjoy your chats, especially when you ask serious critical thinking questions – even though, they will not be answered. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. misom

      Hey JohnnyClues, thanks for your response. I did enjoy your interview with Ab a lot and I enjoyed even more your audio about the california_bar_shooting_psyop. And I thought, cool, now there is F.A.R.T. and JC_audios besides the normal FAC and that is great. Are you going to continue with your shows although you left discord? I hope so! If I can do something to influence your decision about that, please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


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