Our secret courts

The drunks are out on the roads this season – I personally caught one and turned him over to our fine police force last week.  Amusing element of this story is that the described victim also assisted in arresting a drunk driver the day before.

This case, however, seems rather staged.

Even the crash scene doesn’t look like normal physics at work, as described. What are those crash test symbols on the back of the Paragon car?

What irks me, and should irk everyone in a free and open society, is why this case, or any case, should be allowed to be conducted in secrecy?

A publication ban prohibits reporting on evidence presented at the bail hearing and reasons for the decision to release St. Louis. Hours before the fatal crash Lindsey, an employee with a private security company, had assisted Durham officers in a separate incident by identifying a suspected drunk driver, which led to impaired charges laid against that driver, police said Monday.

Source: Woman charged with impaired driving in fatal Ajax crash released on $20,000 bail | DurhamRegion.com

Salem Fatal

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1 thought on “Our secret courts

  1. xileffilex

    Looks pretty fake – vehicles wrecked by the firefighters in private, 50 year old man off to early retirement….and he’s a TWIN

    Robert Lindsey, Richard Lindsey’s twin brother, started a GoFundMe ** crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to pay for Richard’s funeral.

    **Even faker!
    Lovely potato lens image – just the way to remember your twin

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