Who polices GoFu**Me?

This is amusing, if not likely fake. If true, then the real fraudsters apparently don’t tolerate competition. If false, then this story is again used to google search block anyone wondering if the Humboldt Hockey Hoax GoFu**Me constitutes fraud.

I sincerely doubt there is any regulator body anywhere, if not the police, trying to figure out which GoFu**Me campaigns are legit. When you donate your money to any cause, there are no warranties or refunds. When you give to the beggar at the end of the hiway off ramp, is anyone checking that he doesn’t get into his Mercedes at the end of the day?

RCMP in Saskatchewan say a man has been charged after two fake fundraising efforts for the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team were discovered. Police say a joint investigation last month with the province’s Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority uncovered an alleged investor fraud under the name Aero Capital Inc.

Source: Man charged with fraud in money-raising schemes for Humboldt Broncos | The Star

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1 thought on “Who polices GoFu**Me?

  1. xileffilex

    It”s impossible to know if there is ever GoFundMe [JustGiving in the UK] fraud. But I strongly suspect the controllers are using it to perpetuate a hoax [ongoing management] just as they do with operations like ‘memorial desecreation’ or, as used in the Grenfell Tower psy-op, people/actors send onto the media as fraudsters claiming financial relief. Fraud perpetuating an original fraud and producing the desired outrage among the population.
    This trope was used after the London Bridge ‘attack’ psy-op
    and the alleged 200 pages of crowdfunding set up after the Manchester Aria Grande hoax, source

    Jonathan Waddingham, senior product manager at JustGiving, told BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme: “The nature of crowdfunding has changed this year. We think this is because of major events like the Manchester bombing or the fire at Grenfell Tower.
    source BBC Sept 15 2017

    This minor crowdfunding fraud [alleged] has a the hoax marker of privacy being demanded, perhaps to back up the story that there was a death.

    The Humboldt fraud is probably yet another psy-op piggybacking on and shoring up the bigger original psy-op.


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