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DNA is a fraud science. 

I like this little summary comment of it. 

 The DNA fingerprint test uses gel electrophoresis to group what they call microstellites and which are parts of parts of parts of the original DNA multiplied via PCR. It’s a picture with a pattern on it which has to be compared to another picture. The patterns are never the same. Even the patterns of the same DNA from a different test. They claim to have a database with representing the patterns but they don’t tell how they obtain the numbers. ? So a couple of numbers covers the entire human DNA? The entire test was never scientifically tested. There is no competition for better testing. Nobody ever claimed to make better DNA-fingerprints, so they must be 100% perfect already, right? In real science you repeat the measurement many times to get the error rate. They never do. So they make no errors, right? All you can read about it in is so full of holes, I’m wondering anybody can take this seriously. I already explained many times, it is like looking for differences in two similar pictures. You can only find the differences. If you don’t find any, it does not mean they aren’t there. DNA of a worm is 99% the same as ours, so how do they find differences between humans based on a couple of numbers saved in a database? You say, it worked in your case so it must be true. If you’ll ban me now, fine. 

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6 thoughts on “DNA comment 

  1. ab Post author

    Looks like silly putty straight out of kindergarten. Perhaps mimicking ancient hieroglyphs. Any way you look at it, it’s a slap in the face of anyone who takes it seriously.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    DNA. I don’t really know anything about it. Totally in question then, in my book!

    Coincidentally, I was looking at the number 22 earlier today which led me to chromosomes.
    So a chromosome is a ”DNA molecule with part or all of the genetic material (genome) of an organism.”
    Apparently they can count how many chromosomes are needed to make up a human being and there’s 23 pairs. 22 pairs of autosomes – the same in males and females – and then the pair of sex chromosomes which decide the sex of the person.

    My amateur investigation into 22 finds it, of course, one of three master numbers in the numerology of Freemasonry (11,22,33) that we see coded and written into things.
    22 is called the Master Builder number.
    As a ‘building block’ number, to see it very neatly written in here ( it was changed in 1956, they said ‘we;ve found another pair! ) into the noo Scionce of the very make-up of human beings, could be seen as some kind of tell. The 22 sexless building block pairs does stand out.

    (The masonically coded game of soccer with it’s 23 people on the pitch (11 v 11 ) 22 players and then the referee, is a comparable made-up model for control, maybe?)

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Excuse the ramble in this tangential post, but as I’ve been looking at it I thought I’d write here following on the 22/23 idea and show how things might unravel a little through the numbers.

        The idea of a group of 22 with a controlling and distinct 23rd party, as-in human chromosomes and soccer, was already in my thinking having been originally looking at the distinct example from the Manchester Arena event in 2017 where there were said to be 23 dead – 22 victims and 1 attacker.

        Another major event in the City’s history was the 1958 Munich Air crash event involving Manchester United also had a tally of 23 dead.
        The second last person to die after that event was Duncan Edwards, whose fate was sweated on for two weeks.
        Edwards was a universally admired player and the shining light of a widely hyped, loved and revolutionarily young side. He’d been an England international player at 17 (which was a very new idea that a teenager could play for England and hence surely makes Edwards a great tool of social engineering ) and was the outstanding young talent in English football.
        It was massive when Duncan died, and that made it 22 dead…

        So what about the 23rd death though? Within my 22/23 model there needs to be some kind of distinction with a 23rd death.
        Well, the very last person to apparently die from the Munich Air crash was, several days after Edwards and it was the co pilot. The man in black, as it were.
        I think, if I was looking for the analogy of football, or the analogy of chromosomes, for that matter, within the 23 dead of Munich, I couldn’t have found a much clearer presentation of it again, really.

        Certainly as thebuilding block number, it’s no surprise to see Master Builder 22 written in to things, like the ‘building blocks of people’ chromosomes.
        I read that ‘Freemasonry can be decoded through the numbers’ and it does certainly seem to make some sense of things on a basic level.
        It’s why at the MCC, it;s 11 v 11 on a pitch 22 yards long . It’s why football is 11 v11. Their leagues were born and coded in Masonic lodges.

        It’s also why there’s been so many psyOps on the 22nd in recent years -Ten in seven years or something. It’s the old building block number to build a campaign of terror with, is it not ? Catchy as well, of course. Catch(y) 22. Sorry.

        Hey, they say there’s actually 22 bones in the skull, BLOCKHEAD (and 33 in the spine of course ) so that’s pretty neat. Can you fudge the numbers with that I wonder, or is it set in bone ? Principles of rule based on basic principles of nature, is what we see around so I can believe it on those and may be informative as to the root of the numerology.

        But in the case of chromosomes, one has to ask, is this a case of Science imitating Art or Art imitating Science ? Has the master builder 22 found it’s way by chance to become the very number of basic building blocks to build a person with? I doubt it.

        And was Duncan Edwards’ demise, taking the number of dead from the Munich crash to the Masonic football number of 22 a coincidence ? ( On reading back I see his age at death was 21 and the date of his death was 21st of Feb – many would have received the news of his demise on 22nd… of the 2nd… sorry ) Well , I have to question the official story now, anyway.

        There’s more than that though with Munich. Exactly one year to the day of the Munich crash, on 6th Feb 1957 Manchester United players were photographed with brooms on a runway having brushed snow and ice off the wings of their plane. One year to the day.
        It’s eye-brow-raising foreshadowing and all things considered at this point to me, it starts to look more likely contrived than not.

        1. ab Post author

          I don’t believe all involved are masons. In fact I believe the hoaxsters use Masonic beliefs to blame the Masons. They do this for all psyops using different groups’ codes to make it seem like these groups are the perpetrators. They are spoofers in the extreme.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Ok, sure.
            I like your thinking. I’m not saying all involved are masons at all.
            Certainly I think you could say that Freemasonry is merely a front for real power on a sub level.

            But when I stand in the street drinking a Coca Cola and playing Candy Crush. , outside Costa Coffee across from the City Council, under the CCTV just down from the Cornerstone Cafe and the Catholic Church, I’m just identifying real power using a very familiar front and in my musings above was just trying to show how it can be informative as to something being contrived.


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