Real…sad…or not? 

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Update 11/29

This story is starting to smell.

However, police now say investigators have identified a “suspect vehicle,” a yellow short school bus that was not carrying any passengers at the time, and are interviewing the driver, who is co-operating with police.

Ironically, November has been declared Pedestrian Safety Month in Peel by a community partnership involving the Region of Peel, the City of Brampton, t

Hot off the whatsapp media forwarding service, looks like a real fatality. 

Here’s the story

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6 thoughts on “Real…sad…or not? 

  1. ricky

    Xileffilex as always makes some great observations, the one that stood out for me was his almost throwaway line, “as if you’d get your’ camera out.” I think that’s notable in this age of the ever present smart phone. In a tragic or emergency situation, reaching for your’ camera would probably be the last thing on your’ mind, the phone for a 911 call is reasonable, if possible, but taking photos or vids, not so much.

  2. xileffilex

    I’m suspicious, there seems far too much blood, Boston style. Has the vehicle sliced through her carotid artery? I doubt it. The “citizen” video is suspicious, as if you’d get your camera out. Looks like another step forward in drilling.

    1. ab Post author

      I’m happy to be suspicious too. When an incident happens close to where you physically are, and in this case, videos pass around before any officials are seen, it lends credibility to the veracity of the event. You’re right that the amount of blood is more consistent with a gun shot wound or lacerated artery. No telling when the video was taken either, it could have months before and seeded locally at the correct time. I post here to get far away critics’ less emotional responses, since they are far enough away to care less.

      1. xileffilex

        [from update]

        no stores or homes facing the street.

        i.e ideal staging point. As [nearly] always.
        Check the yellow cones, so beloved of the drillers, makes the “crime scene” look sooooo real for the invited photographers. What are they for here? Non-existent bullets?

        1. ab Post author

          What threw me off is the WhatsApp video that got circulating quickly. Do the perps actually feed this stuff into the private messaging Network? It also reminds me that we forget our Humanity when we are numb to these events. Years ago I Came Upon a crash scene. I pulled over ran to the car where others were attending. A cloth was requested to stop the bleeding of one of the passengers. I got that cloth and help a client to one of the victims in the car. I was one of many many people trying to help. Contrast that to this video where no one is around to help and one fool is videoing what looks like a corpse on the ground. This is the opposite to a natural human reaction and therefore provides a clue to the fakery.

          1. xileffilex

            Do the perps actually feed this stuff into the private messaging Network?

            I’d say so…even twitter and facebook are becoming passe for spreading staged event news now, tech is moving so fast. Obviously it will need to be picked up by the MSM at a later stage for it to be ‘rubber stamped’ as ‘trustworthy news’


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