Riley Martin was a wack packer on Stern

like this

Is this just another sim invented by a US team who like

The murderers were two of fraternal triplets. Wonder why the third was left out. 

Santa is raising money for the obligatory funeral. 

All that knew Riley said he was a charming and polite young man with a heart of gold. His presence is greatly missed at the family table.”

GoFundMe page raising money for family of murdered Mississauga boy…

Heart of Gold is among Canadian Neil Young’s biggest hits. 

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6 thoughts on “Riley Martin was a wack packer on Stern

  1. Gabriel

    Another story that the picture of the alleged dead is very poor. Not sure how any modern camera could create such a bad picture.

    Nice holiday placement with the GoFundMe friend being Tierra Santa.

    One of his friends said that Riley loved fishing and staging a barbecue. Do any 14 year old kids stage barbecues? I’m not even sure what that means.

    Anyone live in Mississauga? Do you really think hundreds of people would go out on a cold Monday night for a candle vigil? How was this coordinated?

    Scrawny Riley wanted to be a boxer. Really?

    Is the dad wearing a Dallas Cowboys knit cap? Maybe the Cowboys will win the super bowl this year. Good to know we have fans way up there in Canada.

    And lastly, his presence will be greatly missed at the family table. That is a strange thing to say.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes it’s a made in America psyop. Canadians are big NFL fans, although I’m not sure about 14 year olds. Lots of clues you’ve found to test the gullibility of the masses.

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