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Simterror to quell the tax riot

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If you’re going to screw the population with a new tax (not sure if Macron withdrew it yet), then a simterror event shortly thereafter helps scatter the yellow jackets and help everyone forget (or swallow) the bitter pill.

A shooting in the French city of Strasbourg killed four people and wounded 11 others near a world-famous Christmas market Tuesday, sparking a broad lockdown and a search for the suspected gunman, who remained at large.

Source: France shooting: 4 dead, 11 wounded in Strasbourg | CTV News

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MFT012-Sophia Smallstorm on ICE

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The legal mechanics behind the #HRDPARs in the United States.

Start at 10:00

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Fakery is compelling 

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Fake video dramatically alters eyewitness accounts 

Dr Wade said: “Over the previous decade we have seen rapid advances in digital-manipulation technology. As a result, almost anyone can create convincing, yet fake, images or video footage. Our research shows that if fake footage is extremely compelling, it can induce people to testify about something they never witnessed.” 


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