Simterror to quell the tax riot

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If you’re going to screw the population with a new tax (not sure if Macron withdrew it yet), then a simterror event shortly thereafter helps scatter the yellow jackets and help everyone forget (or swallow) the bitter pill.

A shooting in the French city of Strasbourg killed four people and wounded 11 others near a world-famous Christmas market Tuesday, sparking a broad lockdown and a search for the suspected gunman, who remained at large.

Source: France shooting: 4 dead, 11 wounded in Strasbourg | CTV News

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1 thought on “Simterror to quell the tax riot

  1. xileffilex

    Back down to “two dead” and one “brain dead” [like the people who lap up this nonsense in the MSM] and one latterly undead, previously confirmed dead. And the Thai noodle factory oowner [lol!] “fictim” had just arrived in town [for the hoax]… Suuuuure

    Hero count – three.…
    A tired Christmas hoax.

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