Tychos cures the moon motion conumdrum 

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Sad that a single man in Rome (not the Pope) can solve a timeless puzzle but all of ’s so called scientists are still roving around a sound stage with their remote controlled toys. 

Dear friends, it is most ironic that the greatest (and still ongoing) astronomical controversy of all times revolved around our own Moon’s motions. After all, the Moon is our largest, nearmost and thus most intensely studied celestial body: 

The TYCHOS model • Re: Introducing the TYCHOS cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

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1 thought on “Tychos cures the moon motion conumdrum 

  1. ricky

    Don’t we need verification by some other sources that have actually “been there” and can confirm these calculations. I can think of three non-political sources, R2D2 comes quickly to mind, followed by the Space X probe to Mars who must have compiled some important Moon data, then, of course, William Shatner. Our most traveled space explorer, if he can’t confirm this theory, nobody can!

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