Paying for plugs

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I try and put my money where my mouth is. I enjoy supporting original content and have done so on this local podcast. If you like this website click the PayPal button on the right and support it too. Thank you.

Ziggy Kicks Out the Jams: Toronto Mike’d #409 by Toronto Mike’d Podcast 

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4 thoughts on “Paying for plugs

  1. Vespadouglas

    i enjoy most of the podcasts you post here ab and i look forward to hearing this one ………however……you have gone public in the past about money you have donated to content producers who were/are blatant frauds……..charACTORS…… many charACTORS have tried to encourage you to charge?…….wealthy bitcoin trading , couch surfing ,globetrotters dont need my coffee money…….or anyone elses

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