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Egypt calls it a discovery, we call it an exhibit opening

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It’s stories like these that help make it easy to believe that Egypt started its museum system around the time it built the pyramids a few hundred years ago and started “discovering” different rooms and tombs.

In the rest of the world, we call these “discoveries” new exhibit openings.

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Egypt has announced the discovery of a private tomb belonging to a senior official from the 5th dynasty of the pharaohs, which ruled roughly 4,400 years ago. Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani announced the find at the site of the tomb in Saqqara, just west of Cairo, which is also home to the famed Step Pyramid.

Source: Egypt announces discovery of ‘exceptionally well-preserved’ 4,400-year-old tomb | The Star

In Toronto, they’ve “discovered” they can afford a permanent mirror exhibit – for $2 million. Link

Wonder how much it cost to create the phony tomb.

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The Great Prostate Hoax 

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If you’re a man and you have a prostate, you’ll want to listen to the man that discovered PSA.

Dick Ablin, a cancer researcher specializing in cryoimmunotherapy, discovered PSA, the Prostate Specific Antigen, in the 1970s. So he must love Movember, when men are encouraged to line up for PSA and other prostate screening, right? Wrong, in 2010 he wrote a New York Times Op-Ed decrying not only the use of PSA, but all prostate cancer screening. In 2014 he published a book, “The Great Prostate Hoax” and, in 2018, he was interviewed, at the end of Movember (let’s hope it’s the end), by David. The publisher’s web page for “The Great Prostate Hoax” is: us.macmillan.com/books/9781137…

The Infectious Myth – Dick Ablin on The Great Prostate Hoax by The Infectious Myth


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