There’s no virus island

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The germ theory is exploded before your eyes.

David discusses the possibility with James McCumiskey of Ireland, the possibility that there are no viruses, and that this is a decades or centuries old fraud or error. James has endeavored to get proof of the existence of viruses from the virus experts in Ireland, including the NVRL (National Virus Reference Laboratory), so far to no avail. Begorra!

Source: The Infectious Myth – There are no Viruses, with James McCumiskey – 06.05.18

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  1. xileffilex

    An excellent three-way chat between Derickk Brose, Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman – going into the dodgy science of “viruses”, touching on exosomes, contagion and much more:…
    Jan 14 2021
    [Spoiler, Ans = no]
    [via Stephers at PoM, one of the very few oases of sanity along with fakeologist in these crazy times]

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