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  1. matti

    ‘It’s just a word…’ Lol.

    ‘In the beginning was the word…’

    On this platform without words you wouldn’t exist…

    I decided to post this mainly just to move that dumb picture down the thread – pity it’s still there.

    Not Just Words
    (Matti Rouse)

    Tongue in cheek
    So to speak
    Words are heard
    Words transferred

    Gendered legacy
    Forced identity

    Repeating a proverb
    A quote or a joke
    Brushing aside what could be
    Done without thinking
    Of what is invoked

    They’re not just words
    They’re not just words

    Instilled in the roots
    Strains in the fruit

    Not applicable
    Only seen as a threat
    Not annullable
    Another null set

    Repeating a pattern
    A manner or a stance
    Brushing aside what could be
    Done without thinking
    Dissolved in advance

    They’re not just words
    They’re not just words


    Story line
    Subtext and sign
    Subliminal force of the words
    I reassert
    When they hurt

    They’re not just words
    They’re not just words

  2. Vespadouglas

    i hate GINGERS ……..not really…..is that racist…..not really …….get a grip with your ” precious” words……….take your smjw ” offense” elsewhere…………ITS A FUCKING WORD

      1. Rollo

        If that’s some sort of veiled threat, It wont work on me mate, that’s for sure , I was bullied mercilessly at school, If some punk thinks he can Bully me at my time of life with pathetic Veiled threats you got another thing coming, smoke a peace pipe and chill the fuck out and by the way I Tried leaving a comment on that youtube you posted but they shadow Ban.

        ps Rachel obviously came back to discord and yes sometimes I get riled up and don’t choose my words as carefully as I should. Merry Christmas

        1. ab Post author

          It’s clear to me that smj does not like the use of the word that you seem to feature in your latest comment in the latest picture. How about you stop using the n word and just get along and talk about fakeology with smj?

            1. Tom Dalpra

              If you don’t understand the power of words, then you don’t understand much.
              The reason ‘they’ discourage the use of the word nigger, is because that word carries so many connotations by now, that if you go around using it, you’re likely to end up getting a fist through your face (as evidenced here, and it wasn’t a ‘veiled threat’, either, just a statement of fact you stupid white cunt ). ‘They’ aren’t stupid, they don’t want that hassle.

              If people want to use the term ‘black cunt’ they should also be using the term ‘white cunt’ , but I don’t hear them doing it. Why not?
              Because it sounds fucking stupid, doesn’t it ?

              It’s not as if smj has just suddenly taken offense. He’s made his case clearly a few times , but Rollo clearly doesn’t give a shit and has carried on.
              I don’t think Rollo is particularly racist, I just think he’s not being very cool here, at all.

              Now we have a situation where smj, a valued, long-time, respected contributor has left the site.

              Thanks for nothing there, Rollo.

              1. ab Post author

                Yes let’s make it clear. Rollo, make amends with smj and stop with the n word. I enjoy SMJ and Rollo, and find it silly that we lose over flame wars. This site is about fakeology first, personalities a distant second.

              2. Vespadouglas

                you missed my point completely tom. rollo is offensive , not the word nigger . …..black cunt , ginger cunt ,speccy cunt ,baldy cunt…….wheres the difference

        2. smj

          i’m not making any veiled threats. life ain’t a movie, bitch. if you come out your face with some nigger b.s. at me in person you’re taking a nap. and you weren’t bullied the other kids were just teaching your punkass some manners.

          anywhoo, i just came on here to wish rollo a merry christmas. and i won’t be back. I can’t be associated with anything that has to do with that bitch. it’s not like I can recommend a site to my friends and family that has rollo as one of its main characters.

          1. Rollo

            Ok SMJ

            I meant it as a term of endearment, I screwed up obviously, Trust Me I’m not interested in getting my lights punched out for no good reason, I hope you do come back SMJ , Happy 2019 ….Cheers Rollo

  3. smj

    rollo, your crazy nigger, smj, here. good show bitch. the funny thing about free speech here in ‘murica is that it only applies to daddy government. daddy government says you can say what you please with no consequences but everyone over the age of five knows that ain’t true. call me a nigger in person in real life and you’re taking a nap.

    but-whatever, save yourself the trouble and keep your mouth shut you can’t talk shite and hide under your mother’s skirt forever; her rotten corpse must be quite smelly by now anyway.

    Merry Christmas bitch.

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