33 yo clown conquers a fake continent

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https://nationalpostcom.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/Antarctica-1.png?w=625I don’t believe this happened – mainly because I don’t believe Antarctica exists as we are told. Look at all the occult signing the fakery! 33, 54, 1500, 32.

As the world becomes more idle, more video game addicted, and more slovenly, the likelihood any young person gets off a couch and does something physically dramatic dwindles.

An Oregon man became the first person to traverse Antarctica alone without any assistance on Wednesday, trekking across the polar continent in an epic 54-day journey that was previously deemed impossible. Colin O’Brady, of Portland, finished the bone-chilling, 930-mile (1,500-kilometre) journey as friends, family and fans tracked the endurance athlete’s progress in real time online. “I did it!” a tearful Brady said on a call to his family gathered in Portland for the holidays, according to his wife, J

Source: ‘I’m no longer the same person I was’: U.S. man first to make ‘impossible’ unaided solo trek across Antarctica | National Post

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9 thoughts on “33 yo clown conquers a fake continent

  1. Vespadouglas

    perhaps a little bit of your skills here Flix ……who are these adventurers? ……who is this guy ? …….my guess is notting hill

  2. solo681

    This is DAMAGE CONTROL by NASA and the Elite Globalists that are covering for their lies about the Earth and what actually is down there. Colin Brady is just a person they found who is conformed to promoting the Lies. They continually have their ‘Backup Plan’ to disprove any factual evidence that gets leaked out to the discerning public. This Fake Trek across Anartica was planned many years ago. Executed for today at the precise time they can now say “Nothing down here to see folks’, and any opposition to NASA is now ‘Officially Debunked’ and the duped believing global population can continue mocking anyone who questions their so-called ‘Scientific Authority’ on any subject that disagrees with their New World Order Agenda.

      1. Vespadouglas

        i get that ab….but flix is the brit ” dox” go to dude……whos this chaps dad..thats flixs thing

        1. xileffilex

          I’m quite interested in the one who was beaten [shades of Scott/Amundsen] to the prize – Capt Lou Rudd who was reportedly about 2 days behind…
          he’s real enough.
          And he was a close friend [perhaps still is….] of Lt Col Henry Worsley who allegedly died in 2016 while attempting a sole crossing of Antarctica which I’ve covered in the Antarctic thread.

          Rudd was awarded the MBE in June 2018 prior to this “race” in respect of his alleged leadership of a group ]of 6 Army personnel] crossing of Antarctica [hmmmmm] in 2016-7
          He’s been in the army for 33 years. [you can check out his birth online] Louis Sebastian Rudd b 1969

          Here’s dad’s facebook blog from the snowy wastes….apparently

          who seems shy of posting about the Antarctic but may be found here

            1. xileffilex

              Safe pairs of hands.
              died apparently in Punta Arenas, Chile and allegedly cremated, (location unknown), his ashes interred in South Georgia… rrrrrright….
              but not before a funeral in London less than 3 weeks after his “death” ….

              Although Worsley’s remains were cremated, there was a casket, draped with Polar Star white roses;


              PS worth reading is the passage regarding the UK ambassador to Chile, Fiona Clouder, “who told Joanna that Henry’s condition was grave….In front of (Joanna in a church in Punta Arenas) was an open wooden casket. Henry was inside…..She leaned over and kissed him, his skin still warm.”
              suuuuuure she did

              1. xileffilex

                Fiona Clouder is now an ex-Ambassador to Chile since June 2018 [she won’t say what her new job is in the Foreign Office, just a “diplomat”]
                Strong networker and influencer, with credibility with senior figures in the UK and overseas. [not with me, however]
                But she’s keeping the Antarctic pretence going …praising our intrepid explorer Rudd who trailed in 2nd, allegedly…
                Fiona Clouder Verified account @FionaClouder
                Fiona Clouder Retweeted The Chief of the General Staff
                Congratulations to Lou Rudd @BritishArmy, who also led @SPEAR17org and in memory of Henry Worsley. 2nd solo crossing of #Antarctica, after @colinobrady and 1st Brit. Tremendous achievement #SpiritofEndurance
                Fiona Clouder added,

                The Chief of the General Staff Verified account @ArmyCGS
                Capt Lou Rudd today became the 2nd man ever to cross Antarctica solo&unsupported partly in memory of our friend Lt Col Henry Worsley who died in his 2016 attempt. Well Done Lou we’re proud of you. Happy New Year & to @BritishArmy. 2019, what is your 2019, what is your Antarctica? #SpiritofEndurance
                9:52 am – 29 Dec 2018 [PT]

                Chris Minty MBE @ChrisCminty
                29 Dec 2018
                Replying to @ArmyCGS @BritishArmy
                Tremendous stuff !! Very well done Capt Rudd-perhaps the single greatest British achievement of the last 74 years. In the same way that Shackleton renewed British spirits during WW1-you have renewed the our spirit and determination to break free from the eurocrats of Brussels

  3. xileffilex

    Indeed. I can’t believe any of these Antarctic traverses, a few of which I have covered. It’s probably the easiest thing to fake, along with long distance rowing and yachting events. Why are they doing it? Is it just to create news and/or heroes, or to hide something?
    Thanks to Richie from Boston [not an endorsement] I have been browing this amazing collection of NSF photos of “Antarctica” which he linked to –


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