FART#014 new year’s edition

Goto the one hour mark for discussion.

Rick brought up a great point that if anyone asks who’s responsible for the 9/11 project bring up the PNAC group led by  Kristol and Kagan and the neocons that explicitly laid out the need for a new Pearl Harbor for the 21st century. This was no secret and widely disseminated years before the 9/11 event.

    Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: typoerror, Fakeologist.

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    1 thought on “FART#014 new year’s edition

    1. napoleon wilson

      at 2 hour 12 mins rollo says he got in trouble for saying nigger NO NO NO , he is in trouble for calling smj that, no more no less . so if you think you are well informed about who said what ….. now you know the truth , ps rollo leave asap

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