Taking our eye off the ball

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Are and endless inflammation of differences being used to distract from the employment elephant in the room? 

Here are an interesting two posts on the worst forum ever to read. 

Fill your trolley full of shopping, then walk out the shop. The machinery as you walk out will scan your ID and credit card and you’ll pay automatically. No remembering PIN or queueing at the checkout. We already have self-checkout where we do that job ourselves.
No pickers and packers in warehouse distribution online shops. All automated. Just have a techy on hand to sort out any problems.
No break times. No getting to work late due to traffic congestion or too much beer the night before. No toilet breaks. No wages. No holidays. No illness albeit the occasional breakdown or service. No wage rises. No union walk outs. No workplace bullying or sexual harassment. No workplace injury or death compensation pay-outs.
Much higher production rates. No human error.

AI isn’t going to be needed….just automation, with very little pre-programmed control.
What will we all do then? Will we all live on welfare payments and just sit in the sun all day twiddling our thumbs.

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2 thoughts on “Taking our eye off the ball

  1. ricky

    It might not be the worst forum, there’s a lot of competition out there. I don’t know how many of these threads are deliberate distractions or sincere discussions or a blend. But xileffilex hits the central point, they dance around the “elephant in the room,” media fakery is the real story, in all it’s forms. The cutting through the fog forum reminded me of one of the “Deep Thoughts” raps, a lot of flawed assumptions and overthinking, they need to “dummy up.”

  2. xileffilex

    No. Are these interminable discussions about what MIGHT happen a deliberate ploy to stop us realsing and analysing how the wool IS being pulled over our eyes right in front of us daily? The entertainment industry is a big employer – and I mean the sector which brings us our fake reality through the MSM which can only get bigger. [yes, I am speculating there….]

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