H3 almost done

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Why does anyone need a lawyer(s) to plead guilty and not have a trial?

The Factory is soon-to-close for this ridiculous story.

The media has already spun enough personal grief stories to obscure any conflicts with the official story. 

Methinks this story worked so well, future hoaxes will need to involve hockey. After all, the hoax is reinforced every Saturday night with some tribute, perhaps infinitum. 

Outside the court, Sidhu’s lawyer read a prepared statement, saying his client feels terrible and is very sorry.

0;His position to me was, ‘I just want to plead guilty,'” said lawyer Mark Brayford. 

0;Mr. Sidhu advised me, ‘I don’t want to make things any worse.'”

The lawyer went on, stating that Sidhu is devastated by the grief he’s caused the families.

0;He’s overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy and kindness that some of the families and players have expressed to him, in spite of the fact that their grief is entirely his fault.”


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6 thoughts on “H3 almost done

  1. xileffilex

    But after the expensive sentencing ritual we will have the first anniversary, the second anniversary…the fifth…the tenth…. each with new twists and stories, perhaps more litigation. It’s never done. It’s a taxation funded circus which we are forced to enter.

    “Sixteen people were wiped off the face of the earth.”

    [i.e. under their former identities]
    Aaaaand wheelchair bound [hmmmm] Ryan Straschnitzki, “paralysed from the chest down” is a fountain of news MSM stories, e.g.
    Jan 4 2019
    ‘Lots of doors open’: Straschnitzki reflects on year of ‘ups and downs,’ sets new goals for 2019

    Jan 2 2019
    Compelling Calgarians: Ryan Straschnitzki

    hot on the heels of a predictable hoax favourite….
    December 8 2018
    Humboldt crash survivor has
    PTSD triggered by truck rear-ending his bus
    A terrifying ordeal for Humboldt Broncos survivor Ryan Straschnitzki this past week as the bus carrying him home from physiotherapy was rear-ended by a truck.
    And Ryan takes the old year out too…
    Dec 31 2018
    Ryan Straschnitzki announces team lineup at the Saddledome as his friend Aaron Dell starts for the San Jose Sharks. @CTVAlesia reports. bit.ly/2LEEgr3 #yyc @ADell32 #Humboldtbroncos @SanJoseSharks #Flames
    Like I said, never ending.

  2. Vespadouglas

    hi ab . everyone who is guilty needs a lawyers advice at some point. the prosecutor and your defence lawyer are probably friends……the whole system from bottom to top is one of the incestious , duplicitous , self serving institutions our masters have . in fakeology terms ,EVERY event ………EVERY event passes through the judicial system.

    1. Vespadouglas

      find a spare weekday morning , head to your local courts about 930 before the accused arrive and watch the theatre…….its remarkable …………..then remember , these are the advocates , QCs and coroners for fakeology 2040…….jostling for position

      1. Vespadouglas

        if i could record it i would …..i cant……maybe other fakeo dudes can ……..then again , maybe other fakeo dudes or dudettes are too engrossed in the hbc , dave j ,gaia ,everyones entitled to their opinion meme are obviously idiots or fakers

        1. Vespadouglas

          hey ab…..and festive fakeo junior daughter fakeo voice over…..HNY to the only family in the world ( bar mine ) that seems to understand …hny


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