4 thoughts on “Peter Jennings Crying on Television during 9/11

  1. xileffilex

    Jennings- up to his neck it back in 1993 at the WTC. An insider from waaaaay back.
    [don’t laugh too much at the 26 year old video clip!]

    And what a terrible, gulp, actor, a performance which any child coul…oh…gulp… I can’t go on… just the thought of… little children…

  2. simonshack

    Lol – “crying”, you say? Invisible tears, then… The clown barely manages to feign choking up a bit – failing epically – and ending up looking like he’s got the hiccups! 😛

    So, dear Ab – I’ll have to disagree with your “good Canadian actor” rating there.
    My rating would be: “piss-poor Canadian actor”.
    And an obvious insider / accomplice to the 9/11 mass media hoax. I find it extremely unlikely that top TV anchors such as Peter Jennings weren’t fully informed of the whole wretched scheme. Thoughts, folks?

    1. ab Post author

      I have no doubt that the top anchors were all well read into the plot. I do believe that Peter Jennings was a member of the CFR as well. I’m sure they were also part of the plot since this helps advance the global security agenda.

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