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The book came out years ago, now it’s movie time. (my previous post)

There’s nothing in the above interview that convinces me this was real. Does this sound like a woman/girl that was raped every day for nine months? Not a tear in sight, not a blip in her make up. Don’t dare ask her why she didn’t run when she could have multiple times. 0;You don’t know, you weren’t there”.

I content that Ms. Smart is a LARPer – a lifetime (note the network the movie was released on) actor playing the kidnapped girl victim where anyone – including someone in a rich, intact family home -can be abducted, raped, and maybe murdered. In fact, her whole family are LARPers, getting paid to continue to sell fear all these years later.

h/t Jr. Fakeologist who dared mentioned this story as possibly fake to friends



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  1. xileffilex

    Yes, it’s an absurd stoooory. Well done Junior Fakeologist for sniffing out this nonsense. It reminded me slightly of this joint UK-French psy-op back in 1996, the alleged murder of a girl in the middle of a school dormitory by an intruder [suuuuure], which continued to give and give [most recently in 2015 **]…

    Same old format, lots of news, lots of lawyers, repeat.…

    Unusually, there’s no Wiki page for the murder [hmmm] but the SEEEEERIIIIAAAAL KILLER reponsible does have one….but somewhat out of date,…
    omitting the most recent reheating of his lifetime acting career….[2015]…19 years later **……
    Murder victim. Caroline lived with her divorced mother, Sue Dickinson, (née Valentine) aged 38 and a nurse, and her sister, Jenny. ….Caroline’s father, John Dickinson, 39, who was employed as an environmental health officer for North Cornwall district council, lived at Bodmin, Cornwall…..

    Here’s mum and sister, b 1985, 10 years ago…

    The matter was closed for them in 2005 when the inevitable expensive legal appeal was lost….
    In a brief civil hearing after the verdict, Montes was ordered to pay Caroline’s parents 50,000 euros (around £33,300) each in compensation and 35,000 euros (around £23,300) to her sister Jenny, 20. Because he is unable to pay, the money will come from a state fund.
    source Telegraph Caroline can rest in peace now, say Dickinsons after killer loses appeal 6/29/05, making way for 7/7 in the news days later.


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