9 thoughts on “FAC526-JLB, Velocet, Solarcopycat 

      1. Vespadouglas

        Rollo welcomes these charACTORS into his home………YES rollo though !…im not into gay porn in any way …….but …..i will part with the price of a coffee to see razy rollo give a good one to one of his new pals

  1. napoleon wilson

    nice chat , firstly the observations we see like trans , save the whale, shave the globe , snowflakes and on and on ,arent real behaviours braindamage ,or misfiring morelike , i dont think the societal changes in folks is natural, obviouslyit isnt , maybe more like prison behaviour , because they dont have to think or worry so yes and no its a utopia ,but a bad one……….. just observing ……. baaa

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