Lac-Mégantic hoax footage shared by TV show 

likes this

This story of outrage only makes sense when one is a fakeologist. 

Footage created in Hollywood for a being reused for an acknowledged work of (bad) fiction. 

Too drole for words. 

A day after learning that a science-fiction show on Netflix used footage of the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, the mayor of the Quebec town said she believes images of the tragedy were used in a second Netflix production, Bird Box.…

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2 thoughts on “Lac-Mégantic hoax footage shared by TV show 

  1. xileffilex

    Footage from the Lac Gigangic Hoax indeed! The generic Netflix faux disaster looks more like shots from the staged crash of Colgan Air 3407 which whisked away 9/11 “widow” Beverly Eckert back to new life with her husband.

  2. Vespadouglas

    ” when one is a fakeologist ” …….it appears there now exists , “$o called ” fakeologists . ……an elaboration there may be ……..interesting

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