3 thoughts on “FAC527-TomD, Delcroix, Napoleon

  1. Tom Dalpra

    The audio was so choppy in real time and then on playback it makes it a bit hard to listen to.
    Maybe I need a better mic or to tweak my Discord set up, but it kept cutting out the first part of what I said. The same happens to others and it leads to it all being difficult to have a decent conversation in real time a bit of an incoherent mess to listen back to.

    My owl story in playback misses the detail that the uncle went out the next day after the owl had scratched the window and fell off a cliff to his death.

    Nevermind. Nice Scoince quiz.
    By the way, Lodestone was used 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty to make compasses, apparently .
    Some moron ( I ) suggested the answer might be dynamite.


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