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  1. Vespadouglas

    DOH !……Dukes Of Hazard …..” my legs , my legs ” ……they do love their legs !………legs are 11 after all……..speed restrictions on this road to be reduced , according to the local council ( announced within 24 hours )…….legislation on “old” drivers to follow……..job done

    1. xileffilex

      Key witness –Roy Warne 75 a “retired barrister” who pulled Prince Philip from his “crashed car” [allegedly] and had the “Prince’s [royal] blood on his hands suuuuure he did. And the Prince so we’re told in this psy-op, didn’t go to hospital…suuuuuure because he wasn’t’ there.
      And Roy has played his part in the past – witness the “harassment” of Roy by Kenneth Little in 2004
      He had threatened to kill him and attempted to run him off the M2 as they both drove separately to the court hearing, forcing Mr Warne onto the hard shoulder.

      The incidents at the centre of the case included one in July 2002 outside their homes when the judge said Little knocked Warne to the ground and bit his hand.

      Roy always engages with clients, being acutely aware of the anxiety
      and mystique surrounding the law. Real law is not the same as TV

      er, it is. One big money-spinning drill.

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