FAK215-Reviewing Fakeologist and calls

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When? January 19, 2019 @ 2000 EST

Who? Ab and callers

Listen live @ fakeologist.com/s/radio2
Phone in at 647-812-3917 or 877-450-6447.

If you want to participate, login to the fakeologist discord server , remain in the green room, and I will bring you in when we take calls.

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15 thoughts on “FAK215-Reviewing Fakeologist and calls

  1. Vespadouglas

    alternative…….think , katie hopkins / tommy robinson / jihadi john……..conspiracy…….think , weiss , potatoes , BES ……truth …… think , croww77 , thc , jlb…….a common thread perhaps?

    1. John le Bon

      Or he can keep his content open to the public, for free, and keep attracting the detritus of the so-called ‘truth community’.

      The thing about retards is that they only spend their money on bad things, they don’t spend their money on good things.

      How to filter retards from your site? Put a paywall in place. Watch the retards disappear like rats from a sinking ship. Then watch the intelligent people come out of the woodwork and join in the discussion once the retards have been filtered out.

      It’s a beautiful thing.

      It worked for my website, and I would love to see more people try this simple method out. I’m sick of reading the inane comments of utter retards who think that quality = free. Where else in life does such an absurd notion work in practice?

      1. Vespadouglas

        youve created an echo chamber of charACTORS…….a sponge for the less aware or simply gullible ……..the effort being put into making this website just another controlled conspiracy website is incredibly amusing……keep on trucking ab

        1. John le Bon

          Hoe much is too much for you to afford for a monthly membership to Fakeologist.com?

          $5/month? $3/month?

          How much is too much for you at this point in your life?

          What kind of audience does the free model attract?

          What kinds of successes (or failures) in life prefer the free model and will attack those who implement a paywall?

          1. Vespadouglas

            you seem to think i care enough about your opinions that i should buy them …….i dont ……..if ab followed your model , would i pay? …..i have no idea.

            1. John le Bon

              You clearly do care about my opinions, hence your constant complaints that you can’t access my premium material without paying for it. If you are going to claim otherwise, then you are in fact a LIAR. And everybody here will know that you’re a LIAR.

                1. Vespadouglas

                  to finish ….if croww77 or higherside came to fakeologist.com peddling their shite i would question their agenda ….attack ?…..what the fuck are you talking about man ? ……..i have no desire to purchase your ware………good day sir

  2. John le Bon

    Thanks for taking the time to broadcast this call. The world — and the ACT realm in particular — needs more FAKs. I will personally sponsor this website to the tune of $20 per FAK if Ab commits to releasing a portion of the call to Fakeologist Members only. Have a think about it.

    After 20 replays, the Velocet call-in to Laws still hasn’t gotten old. The lady who called in was very interesting. I give her credit for admitting, in as many words, that she doesn’t care what evidence is presented to the contrary, she knows in her heart that Flat Earth is true. If only more of the Flat Earthers were as honest about it: this is a religion. A faith. And what is wrong with that? So long as they are honest with themselves (and with others) about it.

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