11 thoughts on “9/11 & The Smokescreen Of Emotional Attachment, CGI, Photoshop, Actors & Other Media Fakery

  1. Tom Dalpra

    At about 1-51 and 30 seconds, beardy comes out with the idea that JFK is Jimmy Carter.
    This is such a provably false and absurd claim , that I have to wonder if he really thinks that.
    It reminds me of Frank and that DGB poison


  2. napoleon wilson

    so the wizard of oz story that started with what looks like a twister called osama tearing through the tower models , probably took a few rebuilds and destroying to get the perfect take that they could line up with the the legit towers, timing was everything that day . which explains a few things about judy woods D.E.W. as ive said, people being to far away from building fallingg oversized window dressers and featherlite beams and girders , now i said this a couple of years ago to zal and he said yes models to with some cgi .after all only an normie would think yellow brick road was true,,,,,,,,,, big shout out to smj for pointing this out Yellow Brick Road

  3. napoleon wilson

    so the use of model towers would explain ,lack of debris fake sky,colour from the real weather that day ,wrongly sized people in the windows , eye witness reports ,judy woods lazer would be to spin the models as real buildings with full weight girders instead of plywood, and most of the other anomalies to , please add

  4. napoleon wilson

    [7:29 PM] napoleon wilson: all magic , when i think of 911
    [7:32 PM] napoleon wilson: i think of the reporter and camera pointing right up the tower just before its fullt collapsed , its on its way down , so that has to be fake imagery of some kind otherwise the entire scene would have been covered , in rubble so that means that the collapse in that video is worth examining ,because you couldnt risk a death . it always stands out to me , hey
    [7:34 PM] napoleon wilson: it cuts to a doorway and running so , but im almost positive the the distruction we see in that video is a model of the towers filmed from below to add weight to the effect , its a trick anyway gotta love them whacky masons
    [7:41 PM] napoleon wilson: iknow noone died but i do want to work it out and models seems to fit , with what ive picked up about the towers you couldnt explode the top like that and keep it symetrical if they were hollow from floor 42 up to gods chin, so i suspect thats why the sky was coloUred diffferently and theres not many mid tower shots from other buildings of the collapse (maybe)….shazam
    [7:43 PM] napoleon wilson: and zal says no cgi , and if i was going to do it id use models for best part of the shots , that explains a lot of sketchy eye witness collapse too
    [7:43 PM] napoleon wilson: so next time ask yourself could this bee a model with actors
    [7:45 PM] napoleon wilson: also explains 88 tonne beams floating without using a fake sattelite directed jewness shwartz energy.
    [7:45 PM] napoleon wilson: there plywood
    [7:46 PM] napoleon wilson: any geek model makers in?
    [7:47 PM] napoleon wilson: youknow the towers start with a trident or psi symbol
    [7:50 PM] napoleon wilson: you know soon im gonna get copyrighted
    [7:50 PM] originalsimulant: The Psi-symbol itself is just the representation of the much more primitive symbol X
    [7:53 PM] originalsimulant: What if it did happen but where it happened wasn’t ‘here’, and when it happened wasn’t ‘then’’?

    What if nobody died and nobody got hurt because they were already dead?
    [7:54 PM] originalsimulant: m.youtube.com/watch?v=U1xqrXkN…
    [7:54 PM] napoleon wilson: best place tofilm it would b einside the hollow towers, and secretes? it did happen and it will happen again mayybe next time it will be world peace , still a trick
    [7:55 PM] napoleon wilson: bad zombie
    [7:55 PM] napoleon wilson: good zombies then
    [7:57 PM] napoleon wilson: all the worlds a stage and the artistocrats are calling the q,s some get applauded some get boo,s
    [7:57 PM] napoleon wilson: the mans a poet
    [7:59 PM] originalsimulant: I’m strongly in favor of the idea of models. Probably built in one of those massive old airship/blimp hangars. Or something much larger even than those.
    [7:59 PM] napoleon wilson: yep
    [8:01 PM] originalsimulant: Maybe models isn’t the right word, maybe copies is better.
    [8:01 PM] napoleon wilson: you have to think of containing the visual , no other helicopters zoom lens etc etc
    [8:02 PM] napoleon wilson: no the physics was meant to trick
    [8:02 PM] napoleon wilson: not to scale

  5. xileffilex

    Somewhere near the beginning, Pearson repeats that old canard that Steven Spielberg was at the Boston Marathon. For the nth time, it was Spielberg lookalike Dr Martin Levine, NOT Spielberg himself. Levine was just another willing but essential participant in the deception. All part of the hippocratic oath. What a fraud.


      1. xileffilex

        Two of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the Boston Marathon staged drill-hoax involve two of the most prominent members of the Bostonian jewish elite, Bob and Esta Epstein. [The first mystery is why it took over two years for anyone to identify these central actors in the smoke bomb zone despite their prominent positions **, not just in jewish circles, but also in sports circles – Robert Epstein is also a managing partner of the Boston Celtics as well as being a prominent city businessman]
        The above 2014 article fails to mention the previous year’s marathon where Bob and his wife were key role players in the crisis acting central at the finish line.

        Even in this 2016 article
        there is no mention of the relatives of Gillian Reny and mother Audrey Epstein-Reny being anywhere near the finishing line.

        The other mystery is why such prominent people chose to get their hands dirty so publicly and then never gave an interview, unlike Spielberg look-alike Dr Levine. Perhaps this was because the media wouldn’t dare identify them when they were “helping out” their extended family who were role playing.
        Bob was wearing black, Esta the eponymous pink vest

        Early attempts to identify these key role-players failed –

        But there were several deliberate acts of mis-identification by gatekeepers.
        Less than 3 months later, the late [?] Dave McGowan fingered “pink vest [lady aka PVL] and her [“Cheneyesque”] sidekick” as key actors without names
        as did Dr K at NoDisinfo who also failed to provoke an identification

        And, hot off the press, January 9 2019…
        Last month Esta Epstein, ** a longtime supporter of the Anti-Defamation League, assumed the role as the organization’s national chair of the Board of Directors.

        well well well – and here’s the mention in the above article of the 2013 Boston Marathon –
        Epstein and her family experienced hate directly when her granddaughter Gillian Reny was severely injured at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Epstein’s daughter, Audrey Epstein Reny, started the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Fund at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. That act of generosity and activism led to the completion of a new building at the hospital in 2017, named The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation. Epstein recalled how grateful she was to the hospital for saving Gillian’s life and limbs.

        No mention of Bob and Esta’s key role in the events that day, once again.

        In this Boston Globe video, 1.42-1.46, you can see Bob has made his way across from the bleachers into the hoaxing zone and makes contact with Esta

        And since today is Holocaust memorial day, here’s the BBC’s contribution to recapitulate the history lesson
        Five per cent of UK adults do not believe the Holocaust took place and one in 12 believes its scale has been exaggerated, a survey has found.
        Obviously the medicine isn’t working

        1. xileffilex

          Also, 2.31 to 2.35 [watch at 1/4 speed] you can see our Dr Levene doing semaphore style signals to, perhaps,waiting medical personnel in the drill, and Esta and Bob having a confab together again in the melee behind the torn down fences. Also starring: Carlos Arredondo and, in the cream shirt, another role-playing Doctor, Allan Panter MD, who like Levine and unlike the Epsteins, quickly broke cover for interviews…. [video]
          His wife, Theresa, in the interview was a runner who didn’t finish, bib number 18858. [hence his participation in the drill]


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