Aids/hiv/azt/IDs hoax

likes this

Mark does a good job tackling the hoax. 

To overcome these problems, I am going to boldly go, to assert with evidence and take a chance on being wrong that is a fake “pandemic.” The case of Johnson (covered later) has instructive power, as does that of Freddie Mercury, whose death was, in my view, faked. I have not looked into Rock Hudson or Arthur Ashe, but have similar suspicions. In order to ‘sell’ this disease, they needed high-profile people to die from it. AIDS, I will assert, is a real syndrome, but not contagious, not caused by HIV, and can even be cured on occasion by change of lifestyle.

There. I said it. is fake. If only it were that simple, I could stop here.

AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’…

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3 years ago

josh ,daddio ,gaia ,vexman , MM ,etc ,etc…….wrong ` uns……..without a doubt

3 years ago

But does he think Ebola is real? Seems that way if I read the piece correctly.

3 years ago
Reply to  xileffilex

talkoutyourarski is controlled ……he has shown that repeatedly over the past few years