Our serial killer staged show 

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There’s very little about this Sim pleading guilty that resembles reality. 

I’m sure a real criminal lawyer would chuckle at the details regarding the proceedings and simulated storyline. 

They even mix the word 0;stage” in the details to confuse and obfuscate searches that might question the entire idea that this is a real story. 

Michael Cantlon, a lawyer for the Crown, revealed those and other new details about the killings in court, following McArthur’s guilty plea. The new information included the fact that six of the murders were sexual in nature, and that there’s evidence that five of the victims were “staged” — meaning McArthur purposely posed or arranged their bodies after he killed them.

My position is that this entire story is fake. All of it. Yes, the police officer might really be employed by the City as an officer, but sadly he’s speaking of a fictitious event. Morally it’s wrong, but criminal? Somehow I doubt it. 


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1 thought on “Our serial killer staged show 

  1. xileffilex

    I don’t think any “real” criminal lawyer is going to rock the boat any day soon – aka biting the [taxpayer funded] hand that feeds them. The whole legal system is one big scamming employment creation program for the educated elite. That’s why the kids are all busting a gut to get into the legal system.

    Note also the use of translators to provide extra pointless employment in this taxpayer funded scam
    The families of the victims come from many backgrounds. The court will have Farsi, Tamil and French interpreters to assist them.
    However, some families do not want to participate due to horrific nature of the murders.


    An ideal cast of easily re-assigned “victims”.
    Fake case closed.

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