8 thoughts on “FAC529-Matti, Napoleon, TomD, Originalsimulant 

      1. Vespadouglas

        but hey ,whadda you know …….a few days later ….it seems there’s a couple of people here who are aware of this bs ” crossover ” thing going on

    1. Tom Dalpra

      gaia? i mentioned, something about ‘shooting peasants’.
      That all the other shit is controlled, is old news.
      I thought that was taken as read.

      Flippin’ Craigbot crashing my knackered waffle, ganted.
      I’ll try and catch up on some presumably up-to-date audio and listen to this if I can stand the choppy Discaudio for long.

    2. gaia

      Too much honor to be named in the same sentence as Kelly (I assume Tim) and “HBC” (I assume John and Chris), I am way more junior than them in this conspie realm. Jan Irving [sic] I don’t particularly like, but he also has done quite some research.

      What have you come up with, Vespadouglas, in all the time you’ve been commenting here? Any deep thoughts, real research, or a coherent sentence with proper interpunction, for that matter?

      And what does “at least 3 years behind” mean? Is there a timeline “we all” need to adhere to? What defines those 3 years, what are your criteria, benchmarks, logic, reasoning?

      You really buy into the “nobody dies, nobody gets hurt [ever]”, “X is a HOAX. Period”, “bony fossils attributed to dinosaurs are actually just pieces of wood” and “mountains are formed by wind” bullshit stories one is able to read here? It fits your ‘level’ of understanding it seems indeed.

      Thanks again for mentioning me in the same line of people who have way more insight and intellect than you could ever aspire to. Glück auf!

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