No point in using real people – sims are so hard to find

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I’m not sure why they use fuzzy fake for hoax events, when clear, crisp sims are available at a mouse click.

I am certain it makes no sense at all to use real people.

The ability of AI to generate fake visuals is not yet mainstream knowledge, but a new website — — offers a quick and persuasive education. The site is the creation of Philip Wang, a software engineer at Uber, and uses research released last year by chip designer Nvidia to create an endless stream of fake portraits. The algorithm behind it is trained on a huge dataset of real images, then uses a type of neural network known as a generative adversarial network (or GAN) to fabrica

Source: uses AI to generate endless fake faces – The Verge

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3 thoughts on “No point in using real people – sims are so hard to find

  1. xileffilex

    QoR has recently highlighted this hangout – and I’ll call it as such – which burst on the scene suddenly in Feb 2019. Check out the strange pattern of captures*/thispers…
    I’d say they are real photos of people – see below

    The creator “himself” seems not to exist or no visible profile. And it all seems to go back to this character

    He’s a strange Snowden like character who doesn’t blink!

    A later May 2019 video

    The sythesised dance routines made me think of the Covid-19 nurses and doctors doing their routines.

    so the camera really ran out of battery?

    The Generative Adversial Nets [GANs] seem strangely paralleled by a key machine learning author called Yaroslav GANIN now of London . Just a coincidence, I guess….…

    I agree with QoR though that the vicsim report is disinformation – the only way it can work is by ignoring and erasing the whole back story and life history of the relocated and reassigned. And there’s way too much of that cross-referencing in existence.

  2. xileffilex

    The intelligence servicies and their “specially trained officers” who pop up at every HRDPAR are essentially relocation specialists for hoax “victims” launched into the witness protection scheme, with newly crafted identities and locations.
    Here’s my favourite chequerboard of fake victims from one of my favourite hoaxes – Westminster Bridge 3/22…
    All real people, and you can be sure that their photos were taken to show what they are NOT like. Those big glasses are what will linger in the memory – I bet Buddy Holly stopped wearing them immediately after his re-incarnation.

    Oh, here’s a better one of Keith – I’d recognise him anywhere with that helmet!…

    Or, just put out a fuzzy foto – you’d never recognise the so-called victim in Demerara or wheverara.

    Nobody has ever invented a credible back story for a simulated person. It’s too complex.

  3. ricky

    I disagree that NO real people are included in hoax events, as discussed in a previous thread which also included some research by “unreal” and “xileffelix.” I knew someone supposedly killed in the “Bali nightclub bombing. To my knowledge not one of my mutual friends or acquaintances has seen this person since. The media really played up this story at the time as it was a beach community and he was fairly well known, (he made sure of it as he was a loudmouth jackass.) Within the surf community/culture this story spread like wildfire, which upon retrospect was the exact point. It wouldn’t take too many actual flesh and blood people going along with a scam to lend it the priceless “street cred” needed to really sell it.


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