Putin doppelgangers

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No doubt all brands, leaders and actors, have doppelgangers to keep the business going. 

I’ve never thought about whether Putin has been changed, but Martin has. 

Actually, there is one allusion by (a subsequently banned member!) TripleSpeak over at that Putin was “a replaced leader.” But otherwise, none of these outlets discusses the 800-pound gorilla in the room … that Vladimir Putin is a role being played by multiple mole-faced men.

The Lowest-Hanging Fruit pieceofmindful.com/2019/02/15/…

As for why I never mentioned it before, the answer is simply, I can’t think of everything! 

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1 thought on “Putin doppelgangers

  1. gaia

    As always, an excellent job by Maarten Rossaert.

    Dictionary result for put-in
    noun: RUGBY
    noun: putin
    an act or the right of putting the ball into a scrum.”

    There is a woman who claims she is Putin’s mother. Living in a village 18 km from Josif Stalin’s birthplace, Gori, Georgia…

    Join the psyop train parade:

    “Russian journalist Artyom Borovik’s plane crash coincided with the documentary he was making about Putin’s childhood, including a report about Vera Putina.”

    (wiki); “buried” (?) at the same cemetery as Boris Yeltsin and Chrutschev… not for the middle class…

    “Italian journalist Antonio Russo [think Aaron, Mark…] was reportedly also interested in Vera Putina before he was murdered.”

    Antonio Russo (wiki):
    “2006, September 11 – Prize Witness for Peace” 😀


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