Israel’s Kennedy moment

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This (staged) assassination of Rabin was modeled after the Kennedy staged hoax in many ways.

Twenty years ago, the prime minister of Israel was assassinated. The killer was a lone gunman, Israeli and Jewish, just like the prime minister. Lots of witnesses saw it happen; the assassin confessed immediately, that night, and has never recanted. But today, oddly, lots of people don’t believe it happened that way. And a question hangs over the country: did this act change the fate of the nation?…

The Rabin Assassination Kempler Video – YouTube

Was the Yitzhak Rabin Assassination a Hoax?

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2 thoughts on “Israel’s Kennedy moment

  1. Eva

    I was here in Israel when it happened. No, it did not go down that way, Read the work of the late Barry Chamish if you want to know what actually took place..


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