6 thoughts on “FAC531-Napoleon Wilson and Tom D.

  1. Vespadouglas

    offtopic Tom , did you notice that icke has claimed he has been banned from australia . more than likely after considering an encounter with Rollo 🙂

      1. Vespadouglas

        in jest we snigger Dal …….but………imagine the worlds no.1 shill did a tour to the worlds no. 1 “aware” people , and nobody except rollo was there to heckle 🙂

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Bobby Charlton says he was given an injection for his concussion to make him sleep. When he woke up
    he found out about all the deaths which were ”unbelievable”.
    How many of the players were given these shots, I wonder ? Could this possibly have been a way of knocking out those not on the inside of the Op while everything got sorted out ?
    I dunno, just a thought.

    Another little possible tell I came across was Geoff Bent’s wife who said that before the trip Geoff was concerned that his wife might not be able to cope alone with their daughter. She said it was a little strange as he’d never said anything like that before. After all, it was only supposed to be a short trip.

    Every great story has a hero and goalkeeper Harry Greig certainly fits the bill. Him returning to the aircraft and bringing the baby out in his safe pair of hands does seem very neat.
    After all, that’s what goalkeepers do, don’t they? Save things ?
    When there was the staged helicopter crash at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium just last year, the newsfeeds made sure we got the detail that goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (no other players mentioned doing it) had come running out to try and save people.

    If the Munich crash wasn’t a psyOp, it was certainly a gift to those who had already been creating the Legend of – that most successful of projects – United Man, sorry, Man United.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      The alignment of Manchester United with Queen Elizabeth II seems clear. Man. United were a post war project planned for the reign of the new queen.
      Just weeks after Elizabeth ascended the throne in February 1952, Manchester United duly won the league for the first time in 41 years. Since then they’ve risen to be not only the most successful British team but the richest Association Football club in the world.
      Further, the exact date of the Queen’s ascension was 6th February. That, of course, being the date of the Munich air crash.

      That detail, on top of all the other evidence, makes it almost beyond question, to me, that the Munich crash was a ‘planned accident’.


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