Weisbecker on the Mandela Psyop

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I don’t have a position on the Mandela (do I need one?), but my first inclination that it’s a gaslighting psyop is disputed by Allan. 

When I first started coming across this stuff I figured it to be just another psy op. Another way to get us all to doubt our own senses, our own minds. Gaslighting. The spooks love it. It’s their job.


Whatever it is it’s consumed Brian Staveley and a few others. 

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3 thoughts on “Weisbecker on the Mandela Psyop

  1. Vespadouglas

    its quite amusing that aware personas who post here are unaware of the blatant gatekeeping of charACTORS like kendall , adams , tokarski and gaia

  2. napoleon wilson

    lets say the first print of a book is spelt wrong and subsequently corrected is that mandela , obviously not , how about george reeves and christopher reeve, swapping surnames no , dollys braces no this is not a real phenomenon , but it is getting people used to second guessing their selves .. mandelas reported death happened as often as osamas did.

  3. tokarski

    I just put up a post on time, that it exists in terms of past, present, future. I was surprised to find that this is controversial. It is still spinning there … clocks and Saturn and other assorted ideas that twist the basic simple concept. If we have time on earth, we have time everywhere. “Sex in…” and “Sex and…” like time itself should not even be a subject for discussion. The Mandela Effect is beyond me, if a psyop, then I am hopelessly a tool. More likely, things are far simpler than we imagine. What we grasp beyond what we are shown is easy to see. Trust our own brains. Works for me.


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