The ghouls that feed the media 

like this

Let no mass death (story) go un glorified or unpublicized, no matter how contrary to common sense it may be. I won’t spend more than a glancing moment on this story, except to say that if it’s promoted by the media, it’s likely fake. Add a GoFu$$Me and a warning like this, and you have a hoax formula for sure. 

“What we urge everybody, just to be cautious not to approach the mother. She will be there. She don’t want anybody to take photos or talk to her, Just leave her alone let her grieve,” he said.…

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1 thought on “The ghouls that feed the media 

  1. xileffilex

    Good one, Ab! How could I be so callous as not to believe a word of this “tragic story”? Because I have read so many of them, the large, whole family relocation. And a nice half million dollar relocation send-off to accompany them.

    “they embraced the Canadian way of life,”


    Cue massive outpouring of grief.

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