This one woke me up-twice

like this

Not figuratively, but literally.

An amber alert, which has dubious origins, was issued via the new national cell phone override, at around 0030h. This sent a howl to all powered on cell phones in my house, sound off or not.

Maybe an hour later, the 0;national emergency” howl went off again, saying the emergency was over.

That’s twice we all had to resume sleepy time.


Photoslop picture.

You decide if this was real. The interruption sure was, but the story seems, well, you know.

This was a gullibility litmus test to see how many believe it, how many don’t mind an alarm in the middle of the night, and finally, a way to get everyone talking about the same thing for the “family day” long weekend. Is the new amber alert alarm the new media that will get everyone paying attention to the same story? 

Peel Regional Police say a homicide investigation is underway after an 11-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert was found dead. Const. Taryn Hill told News that Roopesh Rajkumar was arrested after his daughter, Riya Rajkumar, was found dead.

Source: Homicide investigation underway after 11-year-old girl found dead | CBC News

The (sock puppet?) public seems sympathetic and ok with the whole event. 

Tweets with replies by Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) | Twitter

Update: you can turn the alerts off. Mine are now. 

Update 2/16:

used in this hoax are code-it may seem silly to most on the surface, but the hoax code is simply signings by the perps that in case other power elite were confused, that this is indeed a . In this article, we hear the simvillain was taken down at Hwy 11 and SR3. We here that 383 (311) people called to complain about the late night alert. The mother went to 22 division to complain. The numerology is endless in this one. Other silliness include the confusion around the villain, his medical state, his hospitalization, his being transferred around. We get no details, simply confusion and then the story switches right back to emotional rather than logical.…

Update 2/20 link

“She touched a lot of lives with her laughter and contagious big smile”
The contagious smile/lit up a room meme pretty much seals the proof for me. 

Update 2/21 Link

He’s dead, Jim. No need for an actor or court drawing of a short, silly trial. Canada gets the lamest .

A Toronto-area man charged with first-degree murder after his 11-year-old daughter’s body was found in a Brampton home died Wednesday, said Peel Regional Police. 

2/22 Link
Latest photoslop has scaling issues. Head too big for body. Does it matter if no one is paying attention?


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9 thoughts on “This one woke me up-twice

    1. ab Post author

      The school letter does nothing to counter my disbelief. It’s been a bad couple months for the Rajkumar’s and others of Guyanese origin in Toronto based psyops.

      1. xileffilex

        OK Correction Guyana. Are you saying she never existed **, Ab?…

        **This sounds suspiciously like that nonsense put around by Hoi Polloi [where did he go to?]
        Principal Stacey Service said Riya’s death is being felt “deeply by everyone at the school.”

        Trudeau and Ford’s contributions seal the hoax though.

            1. ab Post author

              I’ve never been good at understanding magician’s tricks, even after they’re explained to me. I don’t know how many people are in on it or how many people just lend their name to the deception. I don’t need to provide an explanation 4 how it’s done, I just know deception is taking place and I can only speculate and how it is carried out.


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