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Jim Fetzer is being sued by 0;Lennie Pozner”. Is this a good thing to expose his simulated character? 

Jim uses the word simunition, perfect for our simulated vocab. 

We live in times of censorship designed to stifle common sense assessments of staged events (drills) being used in mainstream media on a regular basis to falsely shape public opinion and sow fear. All these years after the 2012 drill in New Town, there has still been no successful action taken to expose these events for what they are. Will this lawsuit be any different?

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3 thoughts on “Simunition 

  1. napoleon wilson

    Higher education for 35 years ,never worked out j.f.k, and had ace on…….. glad i never listened, unless uninstallmedia,s impression counts , controlled no doubt like the others, and crowww777 holographic moonatic, too many culde sacs with his answers , so nothing new then. seems there is a resurgence in addressing ones career , and when they believed whatever, stavelys doing the same also . just my thoughts..

      1. napoleon wilson

        i listened to the post my mate , i meant i never listened to his other shows , remember i discoverd fakeologist in 2013 or so , so he was easier to dismiss , especially when you know jfk was a stageshow from 2009 ish …….

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