A plane crash for all – Ethiopian 302 737 max

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Best to include as many nations as possible if you want your hoax to get any attention.

State broadcaster EBC reported all passengers were dead and that they included 33 nationalities. An Ethiopian Airlines spokesman said 32 Kenyans and 17 Ethiopians were among the victims.


One purpose of these is stock manipulation. Apparently Boeing is down 9% today after being up 31% for the year. Time to buy?

Not much on Youtube these days.

11 thoughts on “A plane crash for all – Ethiopian 302 737 max

  1. ricky

    I just read some “breaking news” on surfline.com, ” Matt Vecere, longtime surf industry member, writer and humanitarian worker”, was killed in the Ethiopian plane crash. This guys back-story is quite impressive, a regular Mother Teresa, he sounds too good to be true. They only left out the part where he became a spook.

  2. xileffilex

    I thought I’d heard the name Peel before on here…

    Incidentally, Joanna’s sister Karen has finally deigned, towards midnight, to put up a comment free picture for her friends who no doubt think that excavated hole in the ground in Ethiopia somehow conceals 147 people and a whole Boeing jet…

    Strangely, none of these friends has offered a word of sympathy, hug, sad face or bleeding heart emoji. Curious…

      1. xileffilex

        No, she’s the sister of a new-lifer/LARPer, with 207 fb friends, of whom 31 have “liked” the “grieving” post but none of the 207 has commented. [Can you turn off fb comments? I have no idea]
        Compare with this Christmas 2016 post with numerous comments

        Compare with this from brother of a different new-lifer/LARPer from the same “crash”, whose own “grieving” tribute post has 47 of his [hidden] friends “like” the post and 16 comments.

    1. xileffilex

      update – Karen’s post now has three heart shaped comments from friends who probably think the crash was real and that Joanna has died.

  3. xileffilex

    All those nationalities, no bodies, just one shoe. Eighteen Canadian snowbirds in Ethiopia? Well well.

    The UK poster woman for the “crash” is already unveiled in double quick time , a UN worker. hmmmmm


    Colleagues at the United Nations fisheries and aquaculture department described her as a “wonderful human being”, while her father ** said she was a “very soft and loving” woman.
    True to form, we always “lose” the good ones.

    ** “in a relationship” www.facebook.com/adrian.toole….

    <a href="www.192.com/atoz/people/wright… comment from mum
    or younger sis

        1. ab Post author

          The Peel school board seems fully on board to provide sims (relocation real people for X) for international, as well as local #hrdpar.  

          Two students, their parents, and grandparents are dead following the Ethiopian Airlines crash that happened on Sunday, according to the Peel District School Board.


  4. ricky

    The “evidence” presented on “Daily Mail.com” was equally poor. The “wreckage” could fit in the backseat of my truck, looks like Shanksville, not much of a budget for this one.


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