Ethiopia 302 hoax: aircraft trade war

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Most of these hoaxes are about fear and money: the money aspect is highlighted by the Airbus consortium countries grounding the jet.

They join a long list of countries in suspending the plane, including the UK. It comes after an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on Sunday, killing 157 people on board. It was the second fatal accident involving the 737 Max 8 model in less than five months. US officials say the aircraft are still safe to fly.

Source: Boeing: Europe and India join wave of countries grounding the 737 Max – BBC News

The two manufacturers are an effective duopoly, with sales quite even. Will this tip the scales (for now?)

Air Canada cancels flights after U.K. and EU close airspace to Boeing 737 Max 8 | CBC News

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia 302 hoax: aircraft trade war

  1. ricky

    22 billion for 200 brand new Boeing aircraft?, there must be some deep pockets, (unlimited,) behind “Lion airlines.”

  2. xileffilex

    Obviously the Lion Air “crash” in 2018 was part of the psy-op. I’ll delve into the imagery in due course. Lion Air has form in hoaxing – see this 2013 staged event…

    March 12 2019

    Bloomberg also reported Indonesia’s Lion Air is now looking to scrap a 200-plane, $22 billion order for Boeing 737 Max jetliners…Lion Air is now said to be considering the rival jet that the Boeing 737 Max aimed to counter — the Airbus A320neo.



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