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Community Guardian attacks

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No hosting site is safe, including faketube, from being censored.

We’ve recently discovered the following content published to your site (fakeologist.com) with a Jetpack Premium plan:

Please note that publishing incitements to violence in this manner is prohibited in accordance with the Jetpack Service Guidelines.

As such, we’ve hidden this content from public view.

Continued publication of this type of content may result in the permanent suspension of Jetpack plan and/or WordPress.com account.

Thank you,

I’ll link the files directly via peer to peer, but personally I don’t like even sim snuff videos. Apparently others do, as the first vid here had over 10,000 hits. Sad.


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The Fake farters listen to Rollo calling into Lawsie about the Holocaust and Davids Cole and Irving.

Next week features Fakeologist and John le Bon.

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