FAC535-Ab, Napoleon, John Le Bon

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We discuss recent censorship of faketube and the NZ Mosque shooting hoax.

12 thoughts on “FAC535-Ab, Napoleon, John Le Bon

  1. gaia

    What I think usually happens with these psyops is that they get military intel people to play the role of these perpetraitors, so real people, not some CGI character. Common hunting grounds are prisons, secret societies, their own intelligence services, etc.

    The guy clearly had some training (at least in the gym) and plays his part. But I doubt any of the weapons he wielded was a real gun and most of the “shots” were in the air anyway. There were some shots “fired” at the mussims, but the “splatter” seen in the video is probably just paint, like from a prepared paintball gun.

    The “gun” doesn’t sound like firing bullets or blanks, no glass is shattered (apart from his car window) and nobody got really hurt. It’s theater.

    These operations are conducted in a con-trolled environment, with actors, dummies, and the like. The name given for this Australian operative was most probably not his real birth name and it is easy to outright fake a complete storyline of past travels (to Pakistan, North Korea), photos (anyone can hang out in a bar and take some selfies with either other operatives or just John or Jane Does) and knowledge of the Armenian (!) script (see Cluesforum).

    1. xileffilex

      Yes, the Armenian, Cyrillic and Georgian scripts were a real hoot, an intel joke put together by spooks with an Oxbridge education. As too was the Dylan Thomas poetry quote from the “manifesto”. Quite the renaissance man our gym fittie and world “triveller”.[Mustn’t mention his name lol!] More interesting though is the roll-call of people who “die” in these ops. Christchurch was quite an easy one, but the HHH cast list was one of the more fascinating pieces of intel scoping. Not all families are happy ones not all children are wanted or loved, partnerships break down all the time. And people love $un, Fun and $$$$$

  2. xileffilex

    @10.20 Ab, why do you persist with this nonsense that someone like Brenton Tarrant certainly doesn’t exist as a real person? Based on what? The laughable Vicsim Report?

    Go on, tell me, [if it ever appears] “his Year 9 Yearbook photo in 2005 ” was photoshopped…
    I’d say all these relatives who were so eager to be photographed by the media [yet his allegedly – aged 49 hmmm – dead father has his photo blurred in published images? Go figure…] are in on it too.
    Grandmother Marie Fitzgerald, her son Terry Cousin Donna Cox and Sister Lauren. As you say, people keep secrets. – [where’s Terry’s wifem btw or Lauren?]
    What IS interesting is that someone who was reported as having worked at Big River Gym at 299 Hoof Street, Grafton -yes it does exist – also does exist, but…strangeley the gym’s facebook site is currently unavailable.

    Why make it more complex and have to invent whole families when you can just disappear one actor.

    People go travelling, get into debt/trouble. Children leave the nest for ever and dump all their relatives. Perhaps there’s a way out for them?

    1. Vespadouglas

      the first time i knew for sure that these perps were not all sims was whilst watching the news on the finsbury park mosque hrdpar and the mother of my children screeched , ” oh my god ! thats darren osbourne . i used to go out with him “

    2. ab Post author

      A live sim is also known as a LARPer. I’ve stated this many times. Either way he’s not a patsy or a real killer.

      1. Vespadouglas

        hes not a patsy or a killer ……real , average joes are recruited …..” THATS A FACT “

      2. xileffilex

        “sim shooter sim villain..I can guarantee doesn’t exist as a real person..

        Thomas Mair did exist real person, with ample evidence, who somehow went along with the fake murder of Jo Cox. **

        How do you define ‘real person’?

        **incidentally the “widow” of Jo, Brendan Cox has chimed in on the ‘staged for the media’ promise of the NZ prime minister Ardern never to speak the name of Brandon Tarrant – he says he’s also never mentioned the name of Tommy Mair. Hmmmm Another clue that this was another off-shored UK op.

    3. dante

      >Why make it more complex and have to invent whole families when you can just disappear one actor.
      People go traveling, get into debt/trouble. Children leave the nest for ever and dump all their relatives. Perhaps there’s a way out for them?

      question i have for this scenario above…is that there has to be hundreds…thousands of these one off types given the number of events. for example, i’d be willing to ‘dump my relatives’, as i relate to very few of them, and there’s no indication over the years i’d be missed much, but where’s the recruitment / relocation center for faking death and dumping debt?

      are the hoaxmasters scrolling the inter-webs, scanning for select psycho-graphic profiles that’d likely participate in the program? idk. could be. but what if there are families operating in the shadows that are born into the lie system from the ‘other side’ of the spectrum – thinking they are fulfilling a vital role in society rather than inflicting psychological trauma via mass media?

      1. xileffilex

        but where’s the recruitment / relocation center for faking death and dumping debt?

        Oh come on! What do you think intel is up to with it’s vast budgets, what are all these ‘specially trained officers doing?
        You do pose a good question though- how are HRDPAR these recruits [new lifers, early retirees or natural born killers] sounded out? What about those who don’t take the bait and choose debt/humdrum lives? NDAs? Or perhaps they’re given an offer they can’t refuse.
        It”s a fascinating question and one we can’t answer.

  3. dante

    so whoever built the ‘ancient’ theme parks + monuments (assuming ‘they’ were humans, and structures didn’t just pop into existence for future fakeologists to figure out their origins) … tools and knowledge of construction were required, as well material acquisition, logistics, man power, etc..

    we can discard long held beliefs / assumptions about gradual human development, but in our lifetimes, we do witness technological progression and myriad other improvements – trending from less sophisticated to more complex.

    so can anyone here point to non-‘evolution’ary indicators, independent of primary source documents that could shed light on how cities and suburbs across the world / plane / ball …whatever you choose to call this place… got populated with a diverse range of people, culture, architecture…notwithstanding the animal kingdom…if everyone’s only been around for a relatively short period of time.

    given these constraints, it’s astonishing ‘we’ve gone from wheelbarrows to wireless web in just a handful of generations.

    i might be missing something obvious, but curious what the present ‘state of the fak union’ is with regard to this topic.



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