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  1. xileffilex

    Our new chatter Alto apparently lives in London, woke up straight away to 9/11, and was reawakened by the Las Vegas HRDPAR. Did I miss any mention or curiosity of some of the most outrageous , globally significant hoaxes in London recently – Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, the “assassination” of Westminster MP Jo Cox in Yorkshire or even the Aria Grande staged event in the Manchester Arena? I’m a little surprised. I got the feeling we were being told what he thought we wanted to hear about his epiphany, all very bland and nebulous. Suspicious even. Whatever …..
    @43.00 et seq. warning bells sound at that short disquisition on “autohoaxing” and the PTB bumping people off for HRDPARs. [lol!] Come off it, these events are all pretty similar. The hoax script doesn’t vary much, nobody dies.

    WTC light show, 9/10/2001-

    Alto mentions the “Windows on the World – or whatever it was called”
    Some fascinating interior pictures from 2000 for posterity.


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